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    i7 8th gen
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  1. um so some guy told me to take a usb, install this on it : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10startfresh and he didnt explain much further... so im assuming after i install it i just open it and select the remove all files options? then itll reset my pc? tho he said something about going to the bios and selecting the usb as a boot option, when exactly tho?
  2. i installed some weird software dont ask me why ,ofc i removed it but i still have that : wtf am i meant to do????
  3. yeah well the problem is i live in israel and i need to pay an extra and delivery to get items above $80 from amazon.. so i might just have to buy some random monitor from a local store. but ill search for it
  4. im not asking for help about the software, i have deleted it..
  5. aight so it started today, i just wanted to play valorant and i get 30-70 fps instead 130 - 200.. cpu and gpu clock are normal , usage and temps too. well not too normal since i have a laptop but it is as always. same with genshin, i get like 30 fps suddenly instead 60. now stupid me did download something pirated today , but i deleted it and scanned my pc with malwarebytes ( a short scan) and nothing was found. i have restarted my pc 3 times and still the same. please help btw i only see that now but for some reason windows explorer is taking half my cpu usage.. and %80 gpu u
  6. that's good to know. tho will it still feel like 144hz?
  7. hey so im kinda sick of playing with 60hz , it feels really unsmooth. i want to buy a 144hz monitor for my laptop and to use on a pc i might buy in a few years. will it cause fps loss when connecting to the laptop? or will it work just as fine as it works with a pc? also i dont have a huge budget so i was wondering how bad is a $250 monitor? also it has 4ms , how bad is it compared to 1ms? or should i just invest more money into it.
  8. aight this will take me weeks , i will reply when its done tho.
  9. hmm i know youre the smart guy and im not , but dont u think i should only try all that after i clean the laptop and renew the thermal paste? since the laptop was fine to begin with. (after i first undervolted it ofc) oh and yeah i undervolted the cache to -99 and the core to -175 and it worked fine. not solving the issue ofc but my cpu dropped a bit less frequently.
  10. @unclewebb aight so i deleted about half of it since it was way too long, but here : https://pastebin.com/HWYMq5zk ( btw the log wasnt made on a really heavy game , i can do another one with a heavy game such as gta v maybe. also if i did something wrong i can create a new log.
  11. hi ty for the detailed explanation! i dont actually think i can undervolt it that much tho.. at first i used to put it at -144mv and it worked fine , but now for some reason it makes my laptop crash or freeze.. ill try doing the log file and send it here when its done
  12. hey this is what i got for now , since im not much of a computers pro i will try figuring out the throttlestop log thing later ( unless u can explain a bit? ) : 1. 2 3.
  13. yeah so i didnt really open anything up, i just used a brush on it to take off the tiny bit of dust it had.