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  1. I couldn't manually adjust the voltage but it turns out that my EZ system tuning option was set to ASUS Optimal which apparently increases the voltage. I've set it to standard and now my voltages are good and the temps decreased. Thank you for all the help!
  2. Update: I've tried running prime95 again and it worked. I'll attach some screenshots with stats during the stress test. Small FFTs btw
  3. I've changed core voltage from manual to auto but then the core voltage override option is locked to auto. This never happened to me, but I've just tried running prime95 to check the voltages under load and when I pressed OK to start running the stress test, my PC just instantly restarted. It didn't even have time to overheat or anything. I don't know why this is happening because I've ran prime95 on this PC before. Weird. I'll try to check the voltages while running a game if I can't manage to make prime95 work and I'll let you know.
  4. It does get worse sometimes when playing games, so it's probably coil whine. Glad it's nothing serious. Thanks!
  5. Hello, so recently I've upgraded from an R7 370 to a 2nd hand RX 580 and I've noticed that it makes a weird electrical buzzing noise when under load (when I play games). It's not really bothering me but I'm wondering if I should just ignore it or if I should be worried that there is something wrong with the GPU. Thank you in advance.
  6. Nevermind, apparently my mobo isn't just incapable of overclocking, but it isn't capable of modifying voltages too. Now I regret even more that I didn't choose the Z97 chipset mobo. I guess I'll have to start saving for a new mobo soon xD
  7. When I had the stock cooler it ran at around 2200 RPM at max speed. Now I've got an ARCTIC AC Freezer 34 eSports DUO and it runs at about 1800-1900 RPM, the max RPM being 2100, so I guess it's fine now, but my CPU still runs at around 80-90C when at 100% load. It doesn't really bother me since it rarely hits 100% load. I'll try lowering the core voltage too, thanks for the suggestion.
  8. I would still like some help to figure out if my motherboard has any issue.
  9. The H97 chipset doesn't support overclocking, so no, it's not. I'm aware that the intel stock cooler is not enough for it and I've ordered an ARCTIC AC Freezer 34 eSports DUO, but I'm worried that there is something wrong with the motherboard and it is not supplying enough voltage for any cooler to run at max speed. I guess I'll just have to wait for the ordered cooler to arrive and see if it can run at max speed...
  10. Hello, I need some help. So i have an I7-4790k CPU which is cooled by the intel stock cooler, but the cooler never reaches full speed when the CPU is very hot. (80-90°C) This is very annoying when playing games because thermal throttling starts occuring and I'm starting to get bad frame drops. I've tried going into BIOS and changing the CPU fan profile to full speed, but it still doesn't reach the full speed which I think is 2500 RPM. I'm not sure about this, but I think the case fans are not running at full speed either. I can't really check since I don't know the max RPM