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    Pentium G4560
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    Gigabyte B250m HD3
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    Asus Pheonix GTX 1050ti
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    Bitfenix Nova TG
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    1TB HDD and 256GB SATA SSD
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    500WATT Safeway
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    LG 22MK600M
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    Rapoo V510 VPRO Backlit Mechanica
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    Gigabyte Aorus M2
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    Creative Sound Blaster Live
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    Windows 10
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  1. how do I use a toshiba 500GB HDD on my xbox 360.... if I just plug it in the power button's surrounding light becomes red and doesn't boot is there anyway to use this HDD on my xbox 360
  2. I am using Pentium G4560 and GTX 1050ti this specs are enough to run yakuza 3 but pentium g4560 doesn't have "AVX" so everytime I try to run the game it says please check the system requirements. (AVX) is there anyway I can bypass the AVX requirement and run this game?
  3. Hey I actually don't know anything about how to create or manage a server... I wasn't sure who do I ask about this. So I thought it would be a good idea to ask you guys..... Can anyone give me somekind of step by step tutorial or guide type thing to create a communtiy server on CS:GO? There aren't that many servers in my country... there are like 2-3 active servers and those are full of toxic people who would just ban you even if you like steal their knife chance or steal their kills! So me and my friends were thinking of creating a server of our own...
  4. Yeah I tried disabling bluetooth and then re-enable it.... it didn't work then I unpluged the dongle then tried again... still didn't work do I have to change the dongle now?
  5. Hey I use a Xbox One Controller (the one with bluetooth).... I use it on my pc running Windows 10 Pro with a 3rd party bluetooth dongle.... so the problem is whenever I go afk or don't press any buttons on my controller for like 10-15 minutes it turns off itself, I know it's normal but after this when I turn it on again and connect via bluetooth the controller connects but doesn't respond.... I tried pressing every single button none of them work except the xbox button, it only open the xbox game bar.... So if I want to use my controller again I have to restart my pc every single time! this is