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    FX 6300
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    Brought back from scrapyard
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    FSP HyperK 500W

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  1. I got this 480GB SATA SSD in February this year after I sent my Kingston A400 SSD for RMA. This SSD is 480GB, so I opened separate partition for system and other game files. It run on full speed for read and write speed when i first got it, but this week I discovered that the write speed of the SSD is ridiculously slow. No matter i test which partition it still slower than I can accept. I check my bios that the disk is running on ACHI mode, change SATA cables and tried different ports, also retrimmed the SSD, but still the same. What's is the problem though? Is 40% free space bad for a 240GB S
  2. Thats why my relatives buying laptops instead of desktop get blamed when I lived with my relatives for a short period and i using my cheap pc instead of new 500USD laptop that I cant afford. But still I will probably buy a new laptop when i enter university. Thanks.
  3. Ok thanks a lot. Although w3680/w3670 can only support 24GB of RAM (x5675 can take 288GB), but thats I think thats enough for me now I think i will disable some cores for daily use instead like only using 4cores and disabling hyperthread during online class But good suggest though, a FX6300 with 2 cores disabled pc and i3 2100 pc still make my house electrical bill skyrocket after 6hours of online class every day
  4. Currently I'm using AMD FX6300 with MSI 970A SLI Krait Edition. I choose this platform because i need a pc for online classes and open bluestacks at that moment. I thought the single core performance dont really effect much for me that these FX series CPUs have, until recently I deal with video editing. Its fine for minor editing though, but when I put some effects, it just cant go on. Even my friend's i7 2600 smoother than my setup. Now I have a phone now, Bluestack is not important for me ATM, so i need to upgrade my setup with minimal budget as I can (this FX6300 pc setup only cost me abou