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  1. Good Air cooler are twice expensive than this AIO over here. Both Samsung and WD drives are same price over here. Most of the components are overpriced here due to TAX and Monopoly. I have removed front panel and added magnetic mesh in Case So airflow should be fine.
  2. I did but the problem is I can't understand this one where exhaust Fan is connected to both Controller and motherboard as shown in image below. I am using Fantech FB-302 Typhoon FANS which uses it's own controller (Image Attached)
  3. Budget (including currency): NPR 4,83,000/- ~4025USD Excuse my Third World Country Tax Country: NEPAL Mostly for 2D and 3D graphics Work and Gaming When Free CPU :- R9 5900x NPR 1,05,000 ~ USD 875 GPU :- MSI Gaming X Trio 3080 NPR 1,30,000 ~ 1083 USD MOBO :- MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus NPR 27,000 ~225 USD PSU :- Corsair RM850 80+Gold NPR 28,000 ~ 235 USD Cooler:- Cooler Master ML360l V2 NPR 20,000 ~ 167 USD Case :- MSI Gungnir 100D NPR 18 000 ~ 150 USD RAM:- Corsair Vengeance 32(2x16) GB CL 18 NPR 45,000 ~ 375 USD SSD:- Samsung 970 evo Plus