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    Jakarta, ID
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    Elevators, computers, tech-related stuff


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    Intel Core i3-8130U
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    HP 84B2
  • RAM
    2x4GB DDR4-2400 SODIMM
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    Intel UHD 620
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    HP 14s
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    Toshiba 1TB HDD 5400RPM
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    41 Wh Li-Ion Battery
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    1366x768 SVA Panel, 45% NTSC
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    Windows 10 21H1 x64
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    HP 14s CF0131tu
  1. Update - I apologize for the late update, but I got the 970 EVO Plus 250GB because the 980s are all out of stock. Apparently it's even running on its full PCIe Gen3 x4 lanes too. Blazing fast. Thanks!
  2. Hmm alright, I'll try this Forgot to add - I timed the startup with the default settings and it took 2:08 to get to the desktop and another 50 seconds for the icons to fully load (yes I know, extremely slow, I'm on a hard drive rn)
  3. I've noticed that since Windows 11 Build 22000.132, at least on my laptop, it seems that every time I shut this down it does a full shutdown instead of the fast startup type of shutdown (normally the screen goes off and the keyboard is still on, then it turns off, but once the screen turns off the keyboard goes off right after) even though fast startup is on in Control Panel. Is this normal?
  4. Well... here goes a long story. So my old computer was shut off yesterday abruptly with the power switch on a (new) extension cord (at that time I was experimenting with Windows Longhorn and stuff). The next day, I flicked the switch back on, only to hear the monitor making strange sounds and going on and off. The PC itself was turning on ok, it POSTed (beeped). About a minute trying to troubleshoot what the f*ck was happening. Bad idea. The electricity went off, most likely because something shorted. Speakers were on but when they went off they made a very
  5. They're both pretty good drives, but I'd go for the SN750 if DRAM really matters to you (although even then the 980 has HMB) Just see what fits your needs really
  6. As a guy who uses a lot of Microsoft's stuff (Windows, Office, I'm even myself on the Insider Preview), this actually sucks. Computers just 4 years ago now cant run Windows 11 because "older hardware" or whatever. I'm actually quite certain even the Skylake series CPUs can run W11. Probably even older ones can. Damn MS. You've "outdone" yourself again.
  7. Have you tried to plug each of them one by one (i.e. other 3 unplugged, just plug one at a time and on a different SATA port than what it was previously on)? Do you happen to have a SATA enclosure? Try that if you do. Not sure what could cause such a thing though
  8. Yeah.... it's most definitely dead. My condolences
  9. Cumulative updates usually don't show the "__-release" on their name. The Insider Preview updates in Windows Update almost always show either "rs-prerelease" or "__-release", and usually the watermark on the bottom right of the screen proves that. Technically it isn't really anything to worry about.
  10. I have narrowed my search of SSDs to these few: - WD Blue SN550 - WD Black SN750 - Samsung 980 - Samsung 970 EVO Plus Which should I go for, when I get the chance?
  11. For information - I never really write big files per day, nothing that I think of that could've crapped the SSD, etc I rarely let it hibernate/sleep TRIM was on I guess I was just... EXTREMELY unlucky.
  12. Cobalt. It's the shortened codename. Between December 2019 and June 2021 in the Dev Channel, a lot of Windows 10 builds had codenames for builds that won't release to the public and were just to keep up to the latest code. If I'm not mistaken, there was one with "mn_release" which meant "Manganese".
  13. Didn't bother contacting WD about it, since it just so happened that my laptop's LCD was also acting up and I sent it to HP, told them about both problems, and they installed Windows on the already existing hard drive + fixed the LCD. Currently I'm eyeing a few SSDs, since I only recently knew that this laptop also supports NVMe SSDs lol. Maybe I'm just unlucky I don't know
  14. Oh yeah if you're wondering, my WD Green was manufactured date was somewhere around February 2020, only 15 months before failure