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  1. I will wait for the installation and try again, or direct water cooling(The noise is like a plane taking off)
  2. The sound seemed to come from a fan bearing, loud and harsh. Later, I used MSIAfterburner to adjust the fan, and there was also noise;It must be two fans,it is nividia 2080 ti FE
  3. There is basically no dust on the graphics card, the fan is not spinning during the game, and the temperature is about 90°.
  4. Personally think that you can wait for a major upgrade to replace it again
  5. After using my 2080ti graphics card for a period of time, it suddenly produces noise (aircraft engine sound), and even causes the computer to restart repeatedly. When I changed to another 1070Ti, it became normal and there was no noise. Is there a problem with the cooling module? The power supply is changed to corsair rm750x gold medal, 2080ti supplier is NVIDIA 2080 ti Founders Edition