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  1. Like I told Orange, I'd rather stick with intel as from what I've been told the software I use in my industry is optimized for Intel. I see that Ryzen is clearly better from an overall standpoint, but as work comes first I'd rather stick with that. Most interested as to whether the 9900k is worth it over the 10th gen processors at the price point offered by Microcenter. My company is also picking up part of the bill, but only if I choose hardware within their specs, which Intel is one of.
  2. Just looking to get a processor that more suited for the software I use for work. I've been told by IT to find something Intel, as their processors play better with the workloads of the software we use in my industry.
  3. Hey guys, I've recently come to the conclusion that my current i5 4690k build is a bit outdated and that I need to upgrade a bit. I'm not super worried about being on the "cutting edge of performance" or anything, but I'd like to at least see a nice bump. I currently have a 4690k with 32GB DDR3. I use the computer mostly for gaming and simulations for work which are (from what the IT people tell me) optimized mainly for Intel CPUs, so I'd like to stay with Intel, despite the large performance gap currently see between the blue and red teams. I was looking at my loc
  4. Not sure if there is a real place to post this, so I apologize in advance, I just think this might be a cool idea for a project video for LTT. I love your more technical/experimental laid-back videos, like the SD card SSD, so I'm always thinking of ideas for new ones for y'all. A earlier this week I saw this video. The YouTuber attempts (and succeeds) at desoldering and then resoldering a nand-flash chip off of their iPhone's logic board. This got me thinking. I always remember when I buy smaller size RAM sticks they usually have extra places one the o
  5. Thanks for the suggestions! Looking into it with her right now, thanks for the help!
  6. Looking for some reccomendations for a laptop for a friend. I'm not really that well versed in the subject so I figured I'd ask. She has a budget of $800-$900(USD) and needs to be able to do some light photo editing and gaming (Skyrim, Fallout, FTL, Civ V/VI, etc), and for carrying to classes. Looking for something not super bulky, relatively light (<7lbs?) so it's easier to carry around. The graphics settings on the games don't really matter, (she isn't picky) as long as they can run on low/medium.
  7. What are your opinions on the future of cryptocurrency? Not trying to start wars just want to see what the community thinks.
  8. upgrade that gpu, that power supply too probably for starters.
  9. looks good. Good luck finding a 6gb 1060 though.
  10. You could just buy one and braid it yourself, it wouldn't be too hard I would imagine.
  11. the i5 because it's a quad core would be generally better.
  12. less than 25 cents a day, not worth it.
  13. RAM could be an upgrade if you feel like you need it, you won't see too much of a difference though unless you're doing content creation or something. It does look nice to fill those DIMMs though
  14. shouldn't be as long as there's the same amount of VRAM in both cards. But I don't think you have to worry about that with the 980ti.
  15. possibly? depends on the games really. Also the cpu could come into play.
  16. Like he said, second 980ti, you can get them for pretty dang cheap nowadays.
  17. Yeah, I like as little plastic as possible, as well as lots of room. that's always a must for me.
  18. sure thing, just be aware that you could bring the price down a bunch with some tweaking. I built that one with a few assumptions such as storage preferences and stuff, you can change that as you like. If you haven't used it before that is the best website for planning new builds, it'll even make sure everything you have is compatible, a great tool.
  19. what these guys are saying, if money is tight go out and see if you can find a used gtx 970 or something, you could pick on up for less than $175 in most cases. Any newer gpu atm is a total ripoff.
  20. Yeah, personally I'd go with black for this reason. I hate having to clean all the time. But white looks good when done right, I'd just never do it.
  21. Totally agree, if you're doing rgb lighting the white case would be a no go.
  22. I have a friend with a similar issue, he has these wrist rests that mount on the edge of your desk, that way you aren't restricted as to which keyboard and mouse pad you want. Maybe try to find one of those.
  23. The second case in my opinion. white outside, black inside, balanced.
  24. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/2CQJd here, you could probably change the ram, as well as the case to make some more wiggle room. you could even go with a r5 1600 instead and save a buck. I also added a 1070 but with today's prices its not a great time to buy those, but I put one down and penciled it its normal retail price. for what you want this could do the job.