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    I just downloaded Malwarebytes and run a scan and it found 10 malwares (most of them are crypto mining .bat files), and I'm using windows 10 pro, version 21h1, os build 19043.1151
  2. ReePay


    I followed the guide u sent and it didn't do anything, found this on windows security and when I click turn on it doesn't do any thing
  3. So my ethernet icon has disappeared from the windows taskbar but I do have internet connection (look at attachments). I wasn't bothered until I heard there is a new update for the windows insider program so I went onto the settings and checked for updates and then I noticed a weird error code (look at attachments) and it doesn't matter what do I do I can't update the computer. so then I realized that it might be about the ethernet icon that disappeared, I went onto the settings and then searched troubleshoot (went to additional troubleshooters) and clicked the windows update button a