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  1. I'm just throwing ideas out there but is it a necessity that you replace your CPU? It doesn't seem like you're planning on doing anything too load intensive and you might be able to bank your money to spend on a good GPU a bit later down the track when prices come back down. If you're dead set on getting a new CPU then consider AMD. I understand that you might be a bit unfamiliar but they seriously are the best bang for buck at the moment. I would recommend the Ryzen 5 5600x, same number of cores and threads, slightly lower clock speed at 5.7GHz which won't make a difference for yo
  2. Hey all, I'm just wondering if anyone is able to provide some insight into the GPU shortage in Australia. GPUs like the 3070 are still more than double MSRP and models like the 2080 are flat out unavailable on reputable sellers like PC Case Gear. If anyone has any idea when the price drops seen in the states will come into effect in Australia it would be much appreciated. MSRP: https://benchmarks.ul.com/compare/best-gpus