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  1. @Somerandomtechyboi Mind to check dm bro hehehe :)) @RONOTHAN## thanks a lot, for the suggestion
  2. Yeah i think 5900x is overkill. I think im gonna switch the board. What cooler do u suggest?
  3. Budget (including currency): 2000 - 2200 USD/ Rp28.879.400 - 30.000.000 Country: Indonesia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: I don't do rendering. just playing valorant competitively. Other details I Have 1080p monitor with 144hz refresh rate. I will upgrade the monitor to 240 hz/360 hz in the future I need build that will last 3-5 years without upgrade . SInce valorant is cpu bound game. I don't know if ryzen 9 5900x is good value to performance. I'm considering between ryzen 9 5900x, ryzen 7 5800x or ryzen 5 5600x My main concern is the c
  4. ya indeed , disk 0 reported online and detected size 0 and free 0. is there anything i can do ? i dont care the data thou i just dont wanna buy new storage from the store
  5. yep i already done that. probably im goona contact repair service first to see if it connect in other pc (because i dont have any other device to hahah) and if it doesnt work im just gonna buy a new one . Thanks for the help mate
  6. https://imgur.com/a/RCqSXQp u can check all the my screen shot here. it show no disk0 " unknown" "not intiliazed" and no disk space showing. Now my boot time is back to 3-4 second after i replace the cmos battery. I never try to run the pc without the hdd but right now it is totally fine but still my local disk d is missing i use laptop so the it only has 1 sata port and 1 power port like this
  7. I see the 500 gb one is cheap in my country. so i guess ill try that
  8. thanks for the suggestion, is there anything that i can do anymore? is it 100% hdd faulty then?
  9. What should i do? i already replace the cmos battery. How I mitigate the hdd problem?
  10. as the tiitle said I have asus tuf fx504ge with 128(local disk c) ssd and 1tb hard drives (local disk d), i downgraded my bios version from 321 to 318 and it works perfectly. When i restart suddenly my bios update automatically and revert back to 321. I notice my hard drives (Local Disk D ) went missing. System recovery is not an option because i wasn't make any restore point. in the disk management system i got disk 0 "Unknown not initialized". then when i initialized it shows"device which not exist specified". heres all my scrensshot regarding the case. the bios didn't recognize