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  1. Again I'm not here to discuss lamborghini cars just the speaker. I asked if anyone has personally heard the speaker.
  2. Launch control actually disables traction control.
  3. I was talking more about launch control and Trans tech. Every new car has ABS and traction control.
  4. That is clearly a render just Google aventador exhaust.
  5. It all depends on the year. the early models use round while the late modes changed to a more boxy style.
  6. Those are just a casing there real tips are a 4 or 3 pipe
  7. I didn't ask if you haven't heard it and you think it sounds like crap I simply ask if anyone has.
  8. There tech is better then the tech your honda civic has.
  9. Idk it's 25 grand and lamborghini does use alot of good tech in there cars.
  10. Has anyone here every come across one. I'm curious on how it sounds https://www.lamborghinistore.com/us/esavox-carbon-fibre-docking-station-speaker-15989.html
  11. Same thing happened to me I was driving home home one day and seen a garage sale with a full 5.1 Sonos system set up. I got the whole thing for 250, they where first generation but now I have 2 5.1 set ups in my house.
  12. The 3070 is not a huge jump in price to the 3060 but almost double the performance.
  13. It's made by Qualcomm, well at least the chip is but i don't know anything about them.
  14. https://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/products/louis-vuitton-horizon-light-up-speaker-nvprod2900129v Here's the link If anyones interested.