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  • Birthday May 05, 1996

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    Durham, UK
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    PC gaming
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    I've been interested in PCs since I was about 11, built my first rig at 18 and have a physics degree


  • CPU
    Intel i5-4460
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte GA H81M-S2H
  • RAM
    Crucial DDR3 1333
  • GPU
    Geforce GTX 970 4Gb
  • Case
    Vantage gamers case
  • Storage
    1Tb Kingston HDD
    500Gb samsing evo ssd
    250Gb samsung evo ssd
  • PSU
    EVGA 80+ Gold
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1 (I know)
  1. Hi so my windows 10 hp pavilion laptop is stuck repairing disk errors, says it can take over an hour, its now been 4 hours. Do I just need to let it finish or is my hdd on its way out? Thanks for the help!
  2. I believe that's the WiFi card, if its touching the solder at any point it will still complete the circuit and work however it goes without saying its dangerous and best replaced/repaired, some may have a better solution or more knowledge than me though!!! Edit spelling
  3. Awesome thank you exactly what I was looking for, would be some proper future proofing!
  4. Hi guys, I'm looking to upgrade my pc (already got some fantastic advice on cpu and gpu's when their price isn't 100000x) I currently have a single stick of 1333mhz 8gb ram and I'm looking to upgrade to 16gb to future proof myself and just for the fact I want 16gb haha! I'm looking at an auros pro b450 with a ryzen 5 3600x cpu, my question is would I be better off buying 2 8gb ram sticks or filling my slots and getting 4 4gb sticks rated at the same speed? Thank you for any help!
  5. I thought that too but even games I've been playing a while I'm noticing lower fps. I'm a bit apprehensive to overclock as I did this once, my uncle does a lot of rendering and graphic designs for games and some films, I asked if I could have a go overlclocking one of his older rigs he had and melted the card! He wasn't happy and made me pay for the losses!
  6. Yeah I do, but I think its dying to be honest I'm just not getting the performance I used to!
  7. Yeah might be a good shout, I have a geforce gtx 970 4Gb currently so still a decent card but I am noticing I'm having to play on less than ultra/very high for new games a d even having to drop on some of my current games
  8. Love the advice thank you I know buying pre built is probably a good way to get the upgrade and parts but it takes the fun out of building yourself! Might have to be the option for now though and then upgrade in a few years
  9. Oh yeah 100% my friend got burned by this a few years back, got himself a 1070 off ebay turned out to be something silly like a 770 when it arrived
  10. Certainly not a good time to have a pc dying on me haha! Might need to just get the other upgrades done and wait for the market to come down
  11. I thought as much it feels like a bad dream right now with the gpu situation
  12. Hi guys, following on from advice of people on here, I'm looking to get either an RTX2000 series or RX5000 series as a nice upgrade for my current rig alongside a new motherboard (looking Asus prime b450), a ryzen 5 3600 and some faster ram (not sure what just yet) as a general upgrade and intention of an m.2 for booting and current ssds for games. Anyone know the beat places to get these cards (seen some dodgy looking 3060's at £170)! Any help would be much appreciated
  13. I see thank you for your advice! It's definitely first and foremost a gaming rig, however I have noticed my cpu is sub par right now, done a few benchmarks and it's at the lower end of the bell curves so does need a replacement. If only the 3000 series gpu were not 100000000 right now haha! I'll look into an rx5000 or rtx2000 with the intention of upgrades later on too
  14. Brilliant thank you I have been looking for the past few days at motherboards and I thought that exact same thing, if I get a b450/b550 I understand the 450 would need a bios update before the 5000 series upgrade?
  15. Hi guys, I currently have an old gaming pc from 7 years ish ago, fitted with an i5-4460, 8gb of ddr3 1333 ram and a 4gb gtx 970 with a gigabyte ga h81m s2h mobo. I'm looking to upgrade and was thinking of a cpu upgrade due to budget, which would mean a mobo upgrade and ram as I guess that's a big bottleneck for me. Any advice would be great, I'm looking at a budget of 300-350 (pounds).