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    Intel Core i5 10300H
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  1. Port forwarding works and all the IPs are the same. I had the same game server on the same system running Windows 10 a few days ago and everything worked fine.
  2. Ok I have a Minecraft server hosted on a Dell R510 with ubuntu. I have ports 25565 and 25555 open on my system and they are both port forwarded on my router. I still cannot connect to the server. Please help!!
  3. Yup I'm running Windows 10 Home. Did some more research. Turns out you need Windows 10 pro for duel CPUs. I will be switching to Ubuntu because it supports 2 CPUs and I don't want to pay for Windows 10 pro.
  4. Ok I fallowed the manual and I have the RAM configured correctly. I noticed a message upon boot saying System memory is not matching but now that I have the correct config the message is gone but I'm still unable to see CPU 2 in task manager
  5. Ok I just installed another CPU (x5650) in my Dell R510 and windows task manager is only reading the first CPU (another x5650). All 24 threads of both CPUs are showing up in Device Manager and I have already set the number of processors to 12 in System Configuration. Please Help!!!
  6. I have an old Dell R510 and want to upgrade the ram. The dimm slots on cpu1 are full. Can I populate the dimm slots on cpu2 without having a second cpu
  7. Can I use an Intel Xeon x5660 and x5650 on the same duel socket motherboard? I have an old Dell R510 with a Xeon x5660 in it already and I have a spare Xeon x5650 from another old Dell R410 that I am not using. Is it possible to use the extra x5650 in the R510?