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  1. Hey, so weirdly enough, I was in a game of valorant and quickly hovered over to task manager again to see the cpu clock utilisations, and this time it was thread 8 which represented bottleneck-type utilisation, and not thread 1. Even more weird, whenever I'm in game and looking at my cpu clocks % through afterburner+rtss, I never manage to see any of them touching 100% or even going past 90%.
  2. I tried the rtss frame rate limit, and it's basically like in-game fps cap, and if I use scanline sync then it's v-sync without the input latency lag, meaning I can get constant 60 fps. Well, what I want is the performance that my pc should(?) on paper be able to give me. Look at this: The man has 16 gb ram like me, just that he has 2666 mhz and I have 2400 mhz. He also has GTX 1050 2 GB variant, while I have the 4 GB variant. We have different processors, he has core i5 8400 while I have ryzen 5 2500u. (Read all this in the vid desc)
  3. For the task manager screenshot, I basically was in the middle of a valorant match and I quickly alt tabbed and took the ss. As for the hwinfo stuff, I use that for looking at my cpu temp (which also shows inaccurate temps for some reason in rtss overlay but not in the actual software. Eg. In-game it's showing around 70 usually but when I check max temps in the app it's around 80), and for the rest (including cpu clocks speeds and utilisation for cores/threads 1-8), I use msi afterburner + rtss. Can you tell me how I should share that information with you? Just a normal
  4. Yeah, I've tried everything from 720p low to high and 1080p low to high, and it doesn't help. Fps gets lower with 1080p and higher settings.
  5. Hey, so I got another 8gb ram for my laptop, so now my laptop runs with 16gb ram dual channel memory (confirmed with cpuz). Good news is I'm not facing any in-game stutters anymore! And bad news is I'm still getting 55 - 90 fps on 720p low settings. Also, my cpu clocks are still fluctuating, which doesn't happen in other games (it takes two). Any help?
  6. So the 2 different speed rams will work together in dual channel right? And will I have to configure anything in the laptop bios?
  7. Hello guys, so I have an Asus F570zd laptop and I'm trying to pair my default 8gb 2400 mhz installed ram with another 8gb of ram to enable dual channel memory. The catch is, I'm in India and looking at the Indian Amazon website. Here, I'm getting 8gb 2666 mhz ram for cheaper than 8gb 2400 mhz ram . I've researched a little, and I guess if I buy faster ram to pair with my current ram, it'll just downclock to the current ram's speed. What I wanted to know was if the rams would be compatible and work in dual channel, and if it's okay for me to go ahead with this.
  8. Ohhh that makes sense. Funnily enough, I actually have a 1 TB 5400 RPM HDD, so it would be even slower right? I wonder if thats the reason my game takes ages to load sometimes from menu to in-game and vice-versa. Do you think it may be the reason my laptop sometimes runs very choppy and not-so-smooth? Thanks for the advice bro . I'll defo get back to y'all once I add more ram in the coming week(s).
  9. Yeah, I play with nothing running in the background. Do you have an idea how much increase in performance or fps I'll get by utilizing dual channel memory?
  10. I have 1 more slot for additional ram on my laptop, so should I get another 8 GB 2400 mhz ram to unlock dual channel ram or should I get faster ram (which will just be downclocked I guess). Btw, I also use memreduct everytime before I start playing to free some more ram, you can see while I play about 80% of my ram is used. How much performance increase do you think adding more ram will give me? Will it fix the fluctuating cpu clocks?
  11. Damn! I'm surprised you found out I changed the thermal paste haha. I changed the thermal paste about 2 months back. With stock thermal paste, my gpu temps were around 83-87 while gaming and cpu reached 90-95 degrees. After repasting using Gelid GC Extreme thermal paste, my temps have definitely improved (as you can see in the above posts), however, the performance remains fairly similar.
  12. Forgot to mention, msi afterburner wasn't showing cpu temp so I used hwinfo64 for that. All other values in msi afterburner match with the values in hwinfo 64.
  13. I have an Asus F570zd laptop, with a Ryzen 5 2500u cpu and GTX 1050 4GB gpu, and 8 GB single channel RAM. My cpu, gpu, bios and windows is up-to-date. Whenever I play valorant, I get sub-par FPS for my setup as I get 70-100 fluctuating fps on lowest settings, 720p. It's the same for 1080p as well. I've observed that my cpu core clocks/threads keep fluctuating dramatically between 1.5 GHz and 3 GHz. I even get frequent stutters, and I've noticed (using msi afterburner + rtss) that whenever my game hangs my gpu usage goes to 0%. The stutters are also more frequent du