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  1. If the drive has connectors for SATA data and power then yes, you can simply plug it into your computer like a normal drive, however if when you plug it in the drive is asking for a format that usually means a drive failure.
  2. Thank you, this worked great for me.
  3. Hey guys, I am on the market for a new EATX supporting case, currently I have a Phantom 530 (which doesn't actually even support EATX lol) but it doesn't have a basement/PSU cover which is kind of a turn off for me. I'm looking for something around the same size with good water cooling support. I like a strong feature set (lots of space for drives/radiator room but I don't a case with a lot of empty space for the sake of big case is big. Bonus if it has a 5 1/4" bay as I still do read DVDs from time to time but super low priority. Thanks for any suggestions!