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    MrJoe reacted to WoodenMarker in Static pressure fans VS Airflow fans.   
    All else aside, optimizing for static pressure will generally be worse for airflow and vice-versa. The best fan should have enough static pressure for where it's being used for as much effective airflow as possible. That being said, some fans can just have better motors or bearings that outweigh the arbitrary label of being designed for static pressure vs. airflow. 
    Why are you planning to change the fans?
    The Antec fans have shorter fan blades due to the extra lighting ring which decreases performance compared to longer blades. 
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    MrJoe reacted to OfficialTechSpace in Monitor recommendation.   
    This isn't even a reasonable comparison, you're putting the best 1080p/144Hz IPS monitor available next to some mid-ranking VA monitor as though it's somehow competitive. 🤷‍♂️
    There's no reason to buy anything other than IPS in 2021 unless you're looking for a good HDR experience (the technology of which which still hasn't matured in most monitors yet, that's why everyone recommends high-refresh OLED TVs for HDR: LG C1 OLED Review: The Best HDR Display for PC Gamers?)
    24G2 all the way. 
    AOC 24G2 Review, The Best 1080p 144Hz Monitor You Can Get! - YouTube
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    MrJoe reacted to dizmo in Monitor recommendation.   
    I'd go IPS but realistically you'd have to calibrate them both.
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    MrJoe reacted to Kanna in Which one gives better temps   
    What happened with this post?
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    MrJoe reacted to Rosasson in Which one gives better temps   
    The Noctua NH-U12S is better, but it's not much difference, i believe that due to the price difference, the Scyte FUMA 2 is a better cost/benefit
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    MrJoe reacted to sub68 in Which one gives better temps   
    This looks like a Noctula NH 15.
    But Personally I would get a Noctula cause I think CS is better.
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    MrJoe reacted to HanZie82 in Which one gives better temps   
    The Scythe has more mass, and will keep spikes better under control.
    But the fans are really low speed (you wont hear them) but they let the cooling performance down.
    If they had the same fans the Scythe would win because of mass. But the Noctua has way better fans, making that the cooler cooler. 😄

    For the rest, exactly what this weird font above here somewhere said. 😉