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  1. Okay thanks ya it wouldn’t register on any device while it was in an enclosure so ya would make sense that the drive failed
  2. No I don’t have another enclosure big enough to hold the hard drive. The hard drive is a hitachi touro drive 3tb. Is it possible to just plug it into a Sata connector that goes into USB or do I need the circuit board to make the computer recognize that it has files. I am sorry in advance if the connection to the hard drive is not a sata.
  3. HI I have a old external hard drive that would not appear on my computer and I want to see if what files are on it. I put it into my computer into one of my open bays and discovered that it only allows me to reformat it which mean I would be erasing all the files that are currently on it. Does anyone know how I can read the files that are on the hard drive? The circuit board that it was with is no longer working. this drive is at least a decade old.