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  1. done that. For both MD3000 and 124t I've seen prices ranging from ~300 to to >1500. Because of this inconsistancy I just want to get a second opinion.
  2. So there is this old Dell hardware, which would be bundled together with the things I actually want, namely 1x Powervault MD3000 with 2 dual port controllers 1x Powervault 124T tape library 1x Poweredge 2950 dual X5410, 8GB (~50 bucks from what I've seen) All working and in good condition. To make the deal worth while I need to know for how much I can resell them. So if anyone's got any ideas it would really held me out.
  3. Would certainly be nice to own one of these. But does anyone know about how load it can get? Couldn't find anything about the noise leve one the webside.
  4. It's from evga. Found it on their website while looking for a new power supply. Edit: Seems like its only on their german site.
  5. A few month back I bought a Lenovo Thinkpad. After a week I just diabled the trackpad because the trackpoint + the 3 dedicated mouse buttons work way better in my opinion. (Always funny seeing someone else try using my laptop )
  6. I wasn't specifically looking for a tablet, but it seems like a good deal. What I am mostly interested in is the stylus. From what I've seen, it looks like a solid option for getting into a bit of digital painting, as tablets with an active digitizer mostly cost quiet a bit more. Stylus aside, I would use it for university stuff at times when I don't necesserily need to have my Thinkpad around and some media consumption at home. So is it worth it?
  7. I always like to duct tape my gaming pc against the back of my monitor and with the zbox it wouldn't look as weird as it does with my mid tower pc atm.
  8. Hey Linus, could you please make a video (and maybe some benchmarks) about the AMD AM1 platform? Im thinking about building a low cost, low power consumption office/streaming pc and the Athlon 5350 looks like a good solution for that. Other than that, keep up the good work!