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  1. Zorinos may play well on your computer but i can assure you that Zorin0s does not play well on my computer. it cant even boot into Zorinos from the flash drive
  2. i do not think so , if wanta update it while u install it u can. i would do is bypass the update , add the 3rd party drivers and install it. once u start it up for the first and install the other programs u need and delete what u do not need . then update it software. if your going to just run the os of usb then your better off going to slax, you can run it off usb and save the changes in slax . it also based on debin
  3. Mx linux and ZorinOS are the worste. they dont play well with secure boot . if he really wants to be on linux he need disable secure boot. if not he limited to Fedora,Manjaro,Linux Mint,any of the ubuntu flavors, and slax
  4. then why are distros droping support for it and it older bother lxde and things dont work specially on lxde
  5. Their a few thing wrong with distros when it comes to desktops and display mangers . One thing distros put to much custom themeing,and letting other area go untouched/fixed . One thing they need to do is have only the villain version of each desktop in their repository and let us chooice which desktop we want on the first boot. things like pulseaudio , media codecs and bluebooth also could be fix or made to be installed easyer. They should be no reason you have to install a different repo to get the codecs to work . Example opensusa uses zapper but to get the code to fix some video probl
  6. XFCE - use to be light weightbut getting to heavy atm LXDE- died Mate-need update things if want keep being a usable desktop KDE to heavy for some computers GNOME - has to much bloot but lots of desktop built on top of it . it currently going in the wrong direction Deepin- comes from Chinese company. could be spying on you LXQT - since it has lack of people useing some thing are broken in some distros open box - light but discontinued flux box -l ight but discontinued i3 and other wm- hard to configure some just start u in a black screen
  7. can some one walk me though on how to use themes in rofi? i want this one it a side bar theme /** * User: deadguy * Copyright: deadguy */ configuration { display-drun: "Activate"; display-run: "Execute"; display-window: "Window"; show-icons: true; sidebar-mode: true; } * { background-color: #080808; text-color: #d3d7cf; selbg: #215d9c; actbg: #262626; urgbg: #e53935; winbg: #26c6da; selected-normal-foreground: @winbg; normal-foreground: @text-co
  8. i see capture device and i see atsc more options but i dont see where to scan in channels all i see is a play button and transponder/muiltiplex frequency in khz
  9. i got a usb one already. i need to know how to scan channels in
  10. how do i watch tv in vlc? I am haveing trouble with the kde program Kaffeine to watch tv snice i am runing my machine in wayland on linux machine . Vlc up and running well . so i wouldering if i can watch atsc local broadcast on vlc, if so. how can i go about doing this ?