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  1. Thx for that info. My budget Is about 100 USD The games Are metro exodus, Fortnite, but no giant games. I am planning to take a vaccum cleaner rn and idk if these photos will help you. But i dont think i can make better now
  2. Is this what you are looking for?
  3. I did use GPU-Z and it said AMD Radeon HD 4300/4800. The goal Is to get a card that supports DirectX 11 And has more then 256 Mb. So i dont have to play the games i play on 720×480 or 800×600 but more. And no high end games, more like Unturned, Minecraft, 911 operator, TF2 but i would like to play some DirectX 11 games.
  4. I looked And those Are not easy to get. But Is NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 something along those lines?
  5. The system to upgrade Is CPU: Intel i5 750 Ram: 8 Gb DDR3 GPU: Radeon HD 4300/4800 PSU: 200-240V What can i do to upgrade this or which GPU can it handle i was looking and found i think a 710 but idk if it would be ok