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    2D-3D Artist / Level Designer


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    Intel i5-4670K @ 4.3Ghz
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    Asus Maximus VI Gene
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    4x4GB Crucial DDR3-1600 Ballistix LP
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    Gigabyte 980Ti G1 @ 1450Mhz
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    Silverstone SG10
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    950 Pro 512GB NVMe
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    Corsair RM850i
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    Philips BDM4065UC 40" 4K
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    Noctua NH-D14
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    Ducky One Orange / IBM Model M 11-08-1986
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    Logitech G600 White / Logitech G600 Black
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    Cakewalk UA1-G + M-Audio DMP3 + Octava MK012 + AKG K240 MKII
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    Windows 10
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  1. No shit. I'm using a Samsung UE55KS7000. When using MADvr with MPC-HD, setting display to advanced color mode will display some LG & Sony HDR tech demos properly (LG Cinematic Jazz HDR10 is amazing when displayed properly), but others are completely fucked up black & blue colors or have highlights clipped. The whole win10 desktop looks dark and washed out. Windows Built in Movies & TV app seems to be the best & most stable for HDR playback, but it will sometimes lock you to certain audio languages and has shitty subtitle support. The Nvidia forums and AV forums are filled w
  2. GTX1080 with 382.53 Drivers & Win10 Pro 15063, NO JOY
  3. Also reverting to 378.92. I'll also add that windows & GFE forcing new driver updates on me is E X T R E M E L Y annoying. Had to add values to the registry to prevent this behavior. This is ludicrous. Nvidia & Microsoft can share the award for utter shit software on this issue. Registry Edit: https://www.howtogeek.com/302595/how-to-stop-windows-10-from-automatically-updating-hardware-drivers/
  4. It's either Gigabyte or the massive Asus for me, it will depend on whether the Gigabyte is 2 slot or not.
  5. Made a small compilation chart & tweeted it to VideoCardz:
  6. Zotac joins the list: Personally, I like the 2 fan card, but would respray the backplate. However, triple slot cards are a no-go if dual slot cards perform the same. I'm not sure if the Gigabyte is still dual slot seeing the layered fans. Then Asus (Please don't look cheap) or EVGA (Money == Binning) would be my only hope.
  7. Apparently not anymore since 8 March 2015. But you can bet your ass they are working together.
  8. I think Palit & Gainward have the same parent company if I'm not mistaken. /Edit Palit, PNY, Gainward, Galaxy, KFA2, Innovision are all basically owned by eachother or work together in some fashion after splitting off.
  9. I like the Gigabyte. Hopefully the larger fans will be quieter than the 980Ti G1. The Asus card is looking cheap so far.
  10. So nobody has posted these yet ???? It's been up since yesterday @ VideoCardz.com See Zotac, Asus & EVGA a few posts further...
  11. Yup via this: https://www.asus.com/Motherboard-Accessories/HYPER_M2_X4_MINI_CARD/ The M.2 slot on my Mobo is like Gen2 x2 or so, completely worthless (way slower than Sata3 6Gb) but it was one of the first motherboards to have an M.2 slot.
  12. In the PCIe x4 slot (gen 2) I was getting 1.5GB/s read and write. ( initially thought it was gen3, but it obviously wasn't going full speed, the manual confirmed it ) In the PCIe x16 slot(gen 3) it's full speed. (4x card tho) Note that the lower IOPS on the Samsung bench is because of single threading limit, that's why the CrystalDiskmark + Calculator is there to show it's above the rated value.
  13. That's what I thought too with my Maximus VI gene (Z87) never getting an update to support it. So I went through the bios mod process and had it ready to flash. I used an Asus Hyper x4 mini kit to connect it to PCIe3, and it just showed up as a selectable boot device (windows boot manager). I didn't need to mod anything. Mind you, my system is fully UEFI, GPT & fast boot configured