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  1. My monitor is 1440. I'll adjust. But even if it was 1080 I don't think it would necessarily be a waste in my case and I do not game and purchased it for 3d modelling, rendering and real-time 3d virtualization of large architectural files which are intensive regardless of my screen resolution and the performance will save me time when deadlines and time pressures are imposing. I will be switching my CAD and rendering work to the PC in question from today so I guess I'll find out real world performance going forward. I was just curious to get some comparative performance 'score' even i
  2. Sorry, I didn't realize I'd changed the text from automatic. Maybe it happened in copying the body of text from a notepad? I'll do that instead, thank-you. In doing that, do I just run the test for an extended period of time and monitor that the temperatures stay in a safe range?
  3. I've built and setup my new (1st) PC and I'm wanting to run a few benchmarks to see if the system scores in the expected range. CPU: Ryzen 5950x GPU: MSI rtx 3090 Suprim X I don't really know what I'm doing but I'm looking at running Cinebench + Furmark + Heaven. Are there other tests I should run? I tried doing an initial test (I have no overclock on the CPU or GPU): - Furmark, 1080 preset for 1 minute SCORE:21,007 points (350 FPS, 60000 ms) - Cinebench R23 multi core: 26,386 pt
  4. Sorry if this a stupid question, I'm a noob. I have 2X Samsung M.2 NVMe SSDs. One is a 970 EVO Plus and the other is 980 PRO. One the Samsung website the NVMe driver lists supporting the 970, but there isn't a driver for the 980. If I download the driver is the computer smart enough to know the driver is for the 970. Could it create problems for the 980? Also is Samsung SSD Magician Software worth installing? I'm trying to keep the computer streamlined in terms of redundant utilities/software, but also trying to set it up for optimal performance.
  5. I might give that a go - thank-you. If not I might just leave it on the rainbow effect. It's not too obnoxious as it's just a strip a moves slowly (I also don't have any other RGB in the build expect for a little bit on the motherboard which I can turn off in the bios). If I could just download Mystic Light I would, but I'm already annoyed at how many other programs and utilities got/get smuggled in downloading only my required programs and drivers. Sometimes despite explicitly selecting that I don't want the extra software when installing. Coming from an Apple laptop the last
  6. The title says it all mostly. I have a MSI rtx3090 Suprim X. I want to adjust the rgb effect on the card. With an X570 motherboard it seems I have to download Dragon Centre and I've only read negative things regarding it adding bloatware, creating system trouble and being unreasonably demanding on resources - which makes be hesitant to install it. Can adjust it any other way or with a different/better software. (If I have to use MSI software it would have been nice if I could only install Mystic Light and not also Dragon Centre which I don't need other.) **edit** does anyo
  7. I'm using a lian-li lancool II mesh. The main hardware I listed in the title - 5950x and rtx3090. The cpu cooler will be a noctua nh-d15(s) Thank-you. I'll check out that video I'll cut it down to 4-5 fans then Thanks for letting me know. I'll aim for a positive pressure arrangment.
  8. I figured that but people are generally so against fan noise I've read people advise getting the lower RPM fans and I wasn't sure. I figured the noise would be the same expect , for when the fan RPM goes above the standard fans limit and when you need extra cooling. The only thing I could thing was that fans are controlled as a percentage of their RPM, therefore high speed fans will be at a higher RPM for a given percentage of their maximum. I wasn't sure if you can control them to operate within a certain range and and only go higher when really needed. Having a more sile
  9. Just looking for some advice regarding which of these options I should get for a build with a ryzen 5950x and rtx 3090. Not sure if the heat these parts will/may generate makes it worth getting the high-speed versions of these fans, or if the standard fans are enough. All the fans I'm purchasing will be PWM fans. Both versions are pretty much the same price Standard 120mm = 1450rpm max High-speed 120mm = 2200rmp max Standard 140mm = 1000rpm max High-Speed 140mm = 1600rpm max The fan arrangement I'm looking at doing is: - 3X120mm at the fron
  10. I'm getting a 1000W power supply. (Corsair 1000W HX1000 80 Plus Platinum)
  11. what was the reduction in temperature you got switching to water-cooled? I'll probably start saving to water cool the card in 6 months months time. I'm a bit of a noob and still learning with doing this build, so I don't exactly know what I'm looking for
  12. Hello, I'm getting ready to build a computer which will primarily be used as a workstation for architecture. On my current laptop I've run into problems with the scratch disk when using Adobe programs (photoshop, illustrator, indesign) and if the hard drive is getting full. I don't think the other programs such as Revit/Rhino/3ds Max use a scatch disk, although I'm not sure (I haven't encountered a program with them). I also use also use adobe lightroom and premiere as part of my hobbies. I'm planning of having 2 X m.2 nvme SSDs. One will be 500gb and only contain my OS and
  13. Thanks. I've learnt a lot doing the research and I'm looking forward to learning more. That's a good idea, saves some money too. I'll be pretty financially tapped out with this pruchase. But it will give me something to save for again, i can get myself a Christmas present. I think it will be good having the card for little bit and then water cooling it so I get to actually experience and appreciate the difference. I feel a bit guilty going from 0-100 with I'll be building when other people have the passion for years and need to compromise and incrementally build. (although I gue
  14. I'm not going to go the 5800x, i don't know why I listed it really. It's between the 5900x and 5950x. I'm looking at getting the asrock x570 taichi razer. I want a motherboard that has the option for thunderbolt because I could see myself using it some point in the future. The razer edition also has a revised fan placement for the motherboard which sits below a 3 slot card. All the others I look at, the fan is covered by a 3 slot card. There seems to be quite a lot of opinions regarding x570 vs b550 motherboards. Many people have said just go with b550 and save some money. It's