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  1. the DDoS attack happened in yesterday ,and it 's arandom ddos attack (there's some bastards using random DDoS attack to get some dirty money,you know, and it's very annoying cuz they only attack some little website /forums)and the web site is down so how to protect it (sorry for my poor english because my main language is not english )
  2. okay......but i don't understand how to do it,just install the wine and click the .exe file?
  3. sorry for the error in the sentence,my first language is CHS,not EN (QwQ)
  4. i watch the video which about linux(link:https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV17U4y1H7w1 release in 2021/7/29),and i install my windows system in HDD and now i wanna rush into Linux without losing any data and here's some problem 1:i can't type my passwords in the terminal when i do some sudo command(can't do it with hardware keybord and software keybord) 2:i can't create a steam library folder(can't create new folder,the disk set read only)and i can't even use the steamlibrary folder i already have 3: how can i use windows apps which in my disk already,like Genshin Impact,Plut
  5. 《Cold War 》-Call Of Duty BLACK OPS Cold War soundtrack
  6. light or "light" light gaming like undertale just need UHD630 battle field/GTA5 need GTX750Ti or above(in baidu tieba(reddit in CN) -tu la ding , the GTX750Ti is a magic GPU(not for CYBERPNK 0177B.C)) but if you wanna play games in 2K resolution , a GTX1660 S can do this 4K144? sorry ,you need to wait for a while , just waiting for cheaper RTX30??
  7. jd.com have 1 ASUS and 1 ROG shop,but there it has 2 price of 3090 ASUS's ROG 3090 is 20999 ROG's ROG3090 is 25999
  8. i don't think it's reasonablefor a 3060,maybe 4k+¥?
  9. how about a 5699¥ MSI GeForce RTX 3060 GAMING X TRIO 12G
  10. maybe there is some thing goes wrong with the equipment...? i guess