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  1. Looks like a super cool projector! Would love to have a play with it. Could have some superb applications
  2. Linus. love you and your crew and are eternally thankful for the content and knowledge that you bring to us on a daily basis. so yeah... Thanks <3
  3. I love the waterproofs and the great battery life, I also LOVE that dbrand are making this possible
  4. Soo.... At my school we have a club called "Tech Squad" which has lots of junior members in years 7-9 of their schooling lives and a few seniors like myself who are in our final years. After lots of convincing etc. I've managed to get a semi confirmation that this is going to happen. The idea of this is for it to be a "showcase" PC with water cooling, LEDs etc. Parts wise we have some things lying around at school that we can salvage, so the parts list is to be as such. I know that it isn't amazing but it is more or less the best that I can do considering supplier, budget etc. Parts:
  5. I like the customizability and the longer battery life, my nexus 5's battery is a little dissapointing!!
  6. Linus you are great, I absolutely loved that review! I would have to say the the improvement of battery life and the speakers that make sense compared to my current, a nexus 5...
  7. I use windows 8 and hardly ever touch my mouse, unless i am playing a game. What do you need to use mouse for?
  8. What have you got on the USB? Is it just the .iso file or have you burned iso?
  9. Hey Everyone, After recently seeing Linus show the Sennheiser headphone stand, I decided to build my own, as I always just left them on the top of my monitor and didn't wanna shell out $ on it though, so I decided to make my own, so here it is I quickly put together a model of it on sketchup. So at this point it was time to get cracking! I dug around under the house until I found some wood that would do me well Quickly sketched an outline of the holder itself Next I clamped it down and got ready saw. Sadly I don't have a jigsaw or anything, so time to do it the
  10. Damn, that makes it hard I'm afraid that everything looks like it is done well and should be working no problem. I pulled an old router out of my cupboard and did this same thing and it worked fine, so good luck figuring it out!
  11. So if i have this right, is your computer and is your gb router? You are running the server/service when you are testing right?
  12. So your pc/ server is connected to the gb router, which is connected to the old one which the forward used to work fine on? Have a look at this. http://portforward.com/help/doublerouterportforwarding.htm
  13. He is using a DSLR... New camera is a Canon t3.