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  1. Will do the operating system is on a ssd
  2. About a month the computer is a month old
  3. Ok before anything Ryzen 9 5950x rtx 3070 32gb 3200mh crossair vengeance 1000w psu not sure the brand 2tb wdc I sometimes get this strange noise coming from what seems to be the hard drive which I never use and it won’t boot until it stops making this noise FullSizeRender.mov
  4. It’s in my computers ssd specs Cpu ryzen 9 5950x gpu msi rtx 3070 crossair vengeance 32gb 3200mhz wd 1tb ssd
  5. Hello everybody I’m pretty new to the pc world. My pc is mostly used for photo and video editing. But I occasionally like to play follout but I’ve been experiencing delays in loading screen and i was wondering if it could be my driver because I have a studio driver on my MSI rtx 3070. Would switching to a game ready driver help? And I heard it’s possible to have both and switch whenever you want is that true? Thanks In advance
  6. I’ve talked with Adobe 5 times and al they tell me is to switch off my gpu which makes photoshop so crappy apparently this issue is not new they just haven’t done anything
  7. Hello everyone I hope you are all well. I’ve encountered and issue which I’ve been ignoring but now it’s happening every time. im using photoshop it’s running smoothly and the out of no where the tool I’m using disappears and it’s back to an arrow and the navigator box guide turns into a rectangle and even if I move it it will not move at all.
  8. Oh ok that’s all? I do remember seeing that option. Sorry I’m a noob with overclocking
  9. Do you know where I could find a guide for this? It seems to run at 3000mhz fine but only time will tell
  10. Hello everyone I got a kit of 3200 MHz crossair vengeance ram and I figured out that it runs 2133 base so I entered the bios and moved it to 3000 but is that all that needs to be done with overclocking ram? I was not able to adjust voltage
  11. Hello everyone I’m having some issues but I don’t know how to fix it when I play fallout and exit using the windows key to do somthing and come back I get this. And it only happens when I use the windows button to leave the game temporarily. Has anyone experienced this?
  12. I’m not sure it’s a solid panel with holes in it it’s removable
  13. Looking to improve the airflow but looking for some suggestions from the veterans and more experienced people
  14. Thank you I’m honing to look for a air purifier