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  1. I tried searching Google for an answer, but wasn't able to find a real test done. Is there any definitive evidence supporting that one is better than another, even if it's a few ms, which dx version than the other when it comes to latency?
  2. I have the LG 27GP950-B. A few questions... 1) Is it better to use the Windows option or 'HDR mode' through the monitor to enable HDR? 2) What's the best default setting? If I use 'Gamer 1', There is a 'VESA CERTIFIED DisplayHDR' banner that only shows when HDR in Windows is activated. That banner is not present on any of the other setting and several are greyed out with HDR in Windows enabled including sRGB. What should I do? 3) This is kind of a niche question but in the Battlefield 5 config, there is a 'GstRender.DisplayMappingHdr10PeakLuma' setting. Should that be set
  3. I had to turn Local Dimming off on my set up because it was absolutely garbage on the 27GP950-B. So, best to leave it on sRGB?
  4. So the game I play has an HDR function built within. Your recommendation is to use that? If I use that, what is the general consensus on what's the best mode to use while in Windows 10? Does Windows 10 need HDR on?
  5. Which is better to use? If I use the HDR settings in Window 10, I end up loosing some monitor functionality such as the sRGB, HDR Effect, etc under Game Mode. Or I can use HDR Effect setting in the monitor Game Mode which is much brighter and vibrant than the Windows 10 option. And then, which setting on a LG 27GP950-B would be best for the best color representation?
  6. Well, this Monoprice DP 2.0 cable came out this month. That thread just isn't updated, if I am not mistaken. Edit: Your link is dead.
  7. I like the idea of buying a DP 2.0 cable. It looks like Monoprice is the only company that makes it. It supports some crazy high settings that DP 1.4 cannot. With that, how come they do not list it as HBR3?
  8. Anyone else running Monoprice DP cable @ with a bunch of features enabled? This one in particular. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=42994
  9. Which one are you talking about that I linked?
  10. I have to buy longer cables because of my setup. I already spent $3,000 dollars on the best 27 monitors I could find. So, I figure I might as well buy the very best cables. Problem is I cannot find a reliable site to tell me what to buy. I found the following cables: https://www.club-3d.com/en/detail/2457/displayport_1.4_hbr3_8k_28awg_cable_m-m_3m_-9.84ft/ https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=42994 https://www.accellww.com/collections/cables/products/displayport-to-displayport-1-4-cable I don't know anything about these companies except Monoprice. I bou
  11. I also have very high temps on my EVGA 3080 Ti FTW3 blah blah blah. Would replacing the TC be beneficial? What else can I do to lower the temps physically? I am not keen on the idea of changing clock speeds and fan curves.
  12. Sorry. What is the 128L vs. 96L bit about? How does it effect my speeds? Do all NVMe drives run slower as primary drives? Should I be using something else as a primary drive?
  13. I was looking at the SN850 and the 980 PRO. Is there another NVMe I should be looking at? I am wanting to get a 500GB solution for Windows, games and programs. Is there anything coming out soon before Windows 11's release date? I read something about the 256 bit encryption not being available for the SN850. Do I need this feature? Will Windows 11 be able to install on it? I read something about Windows 11 also having crazy requirements particularly when it comes to security. I am looking for the best option here when it comes to performance. I do
  14. LG's website shows the max you can do is 10bit color and 4k res at 120hz on a console. What about on a PC? HDMI 2.1 supports a lot of more bandwidth. Can anyone with this monitor confirm if 10bit, 4k, at 144hz or even 180 like their site shows is possible on a PC? If the limitation truly is 10bit color and 4k res at 120hz on even PC, I would be better at getting last years model and saving a few $100 dollars.
  15. Just bought these two pieces of maple. They are from the same tree and have lots of those awesome ripples that will show up nicely when finished. A black resin river will go down the middle and fill the voids. I am not sure it matters to most, but it's local wood to where I reside now. I will share the log as it is being built. The plan is to make it 74x30x2.5ish. I am a little worried about the 30 inch depth. Is it enough? To much? Just right? The monitors will be moused to the wall in a tie fighter setup. They won't be very far away from the wall. For 27-32 inch monitors, think I