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  1. Oh, one more question, How would an I5-7200U do hosting arma?
  2. Aight, Thanks, Its been doing wonders suprizingly, Hosting space engineers with no lag (around 10-15 people)
  3. It will use all of it, Only when i start to stress it hard enough, Which then it will go from lots of lag to almost perfectly fine (And im more than likely doing everything wrong, Im horrible with computers)
  4. Im trying to run a small game server for just some friends, and its really bad, From what i can find its only suing the power of 1 logical processor, And i dont know how to make it use all of them. Windows 10 x64
  5. After 7 restarts its fine now, Its back to normal now, I really dont know
  6. Out of the blue altho battlefeild 4 allways did it after an hour or so of playing. Frames stay the same, Temps for both are pretty much the same maybe vary 5-10F, The laptop has one air flow vent under it so it sits with the back lifted
  7. Its been fine for months, its just started a few days ago, Its been fine sence, Tempatures are pretty high, When i uncap framerate it can run up to 212F but i cap framerate in most games at 60 to keep it down in the 170-190F
  8. So im having an issue in some games, When i try to discribe it to people they say its just input lag and send me to a fix that never works Ive linked a video, Its really bad at the start, Im constantly swiping my mouse back and fourth, Its reallybad at the start of the video, and gets worse when running/moving It does this in other games too, Battlefield 4, Rainbow Six, Destiny 2. Laptop = HP Envy 17m-ae111dx Windows 10 Home (64x) Intel i-7 8550U Nivida GeForce MX150 16GB Ram I know my laptop scrapes the bottom of the barrel for most of these games but its