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  1. Let me tell you, My Hard drive is dead. I want to use my Pendrive to create a live usb, But I don't have another PC. But, somehow I made a bootable device with my phone. But, It doesn't have persistence storage. I just want to create a persistence storage for my OS. How can I do that? I am using LINUX MINT
  2. Yeah. Eventually, My hdd is on warranty. I gave it to the company. Soon, They'll give me a new hdd. Although, I've purchased a SSD. I will use this ssd for my operating system drive and use the hdd to store games, movies, Codes. Thanks for the suggestion
  3. Amazon is not available in Bangladesh. But it registered 2 months ago. You can find it on https://www.startech.com.bd
  4. I want sata ssd. (Laptop). Give me a best but in budget ssd buying link
  5. I know. I will buy a ssd. But Now I want to fix that. I can't buy a ssd now because its lockdown here and every shop is closed.
  6. No. The hdd active time. (Task Manager) is 100% but the read and write speed 0 kbps
  7. yeah. I am talking about this. Thanks for understanding. Can i fix it ? I am not planning to buy a ssd. As I said, I am planning to build a pc
  8. Yeah. System runs okay. But sometimes it freezes whenever the usage got 100%