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  1. the second one looks like its for a intel chipset but the first one has 6 option do i choose the hyper 212 evo?
  2. is it possible that you can link it because all the coolers i am seeing is around 40 that you said
  3. the game im playing is fortnite the resolution is 1920 x 1080 and the frame rate is capped to 60fps tho i am upgrading the gpu to a rx 570
  4. So how do i do it, ive seen people online do it like a x but should i do it different or the same
  5. So I upgraded to a amd fx 8370 (had a amd fx 6300 before) and when i go into any game at random times my games fps drops and when it does my temp on my CPU does too (goes from 80 to 70 or 60) and I was wondering why does it do that? If its because of the cooler than I am happily to buy a new one
  6. well idk if im okay with it thats why i went here because i was curious if it was going to break or something
  7. So i recently bought a noctua fan (140 mm) which costed me around $20. So when I open it and disassemble my pc I notice that the fan were too big (the max mm my pc can hold is 120mm), not noticing this I somehow manage to put the fan inside the pc and got it to work. The question i'm asking here is do I buy the fan I was suppose to buy or do I keep this fan?
  8. I mean I can try that but I've heard I need to update it just in case
  9. So my motherboard is a m5a78l-m-usb3 and recently I am getting a new CPU, and I've heard that you need to update the motherboard so I put the update rom on my USB stick and went to the bios. But when I went there and clicked on the rom (yes I got the rom from the ASUS website) it said "No Update Module is found in the file. So I don't know what to really do know since I delete it and redownload it but still no luck
  10. Hi, so I recently got the money to get a AMD-FX8320E, I know what to do with the putting the CPU inside the socket and the thermal paste but I have one question. What do I do after I put it in? I've heard that you need to update your motherboard so your CPU will have the same requirement or something like that. So I just load in the pc as normal? Or do I need to do something after the upgrade is done.
  11. no, all my slots are taken by 2gb rams which equal to 8gb
  12. what do you mean by some, wouldnt that mess it up if i have different rams, also the ram that I have it 2x4 8gb sticks
  13. all of them but when i get the new ones i will take them out and replace them with the new ones