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  1. I just cleaned my gpu and repasted it and now whenever I try to boot up my pc, the monitor just stays off. It doesn’t even say “No signal” it just stayed black. Whenever I instead try to use my integrated gpu everything works. I did everything such as removing the cmos battery, unplugging all the power connectors and plugging them back in but nothing happens. Everything acts normal though, like the gpu fans still spin and whenever I touch the pcb, I can feel it getting kinda warm and my cpu fan still spins along with my case fans. I would really appreciate if would help me out here.
  2. This is literally so irritating since I won’t be able to fully utilize my ram only because my system reserves 69 mb of it. I took the risk and updated my motherboard bios but it only went down by 1 kB (from 69.1 mb to 69.0) also plz don’t judge my ram speed, I know it’s not that good
  3. i've heard people say not to apply too much thermal paste unless its non conductive but mine is conductive so should I keep it the way it is or should I reapply the thermal paste?
  4. So I was just playing then suddenly I heard a loud pop then my pc shut off instantly and then I smelled smoke. I instantly pulled my pc’s power cable. I realized that the smoke i was smelling was from my psu so it’s pretty obvious it literally just died. Will my other parts survive tho. I’m kinda scared rn. I don’t have another psu to test on to see if my pc would still work or if my psu literally just decided to kill the rest of my pc components.