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  1. I scratched an i7-950 and damage looks similar, minus the floating pieces of pads. But honestly, I have no idea how that kind of damage could have been caused. I scratched the 950 with a mohs' diamond pick and deeper grooves were hard to make.
  2. I don't think it's solder. I used a plastic pry tool and it is soft and moved. I put some pics from other angles. I have an old i7-950 laying around and considering scratching it to see if damage is similar. If I was sure it would not damage the mobo, I would test it.
  3. I bought a 7960x from the seller from the video: "This HAS To Be Fake - "New" eBay Intel Extreme Edition CPUs" It has 3 pads damaged. I contacted the seller and they responded: I bought an x299 mobo. Is it worth testing out the cpu? Or could it damage the mobo? Is 3 damaged pads can be considered cosmetic? I am kind of lost here with what to do. Thanks for any assist in advance.