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  1. I assume I can plug 4 fans into hub, 92mm into hub and that hub into motherboard CPU_header as per the hubs instructions. Then plug the pump into the AIO_PUMP header? That way the pump is controlled separate from the fans... The 92mm fan might not even be put into the system as the four 120mm fans are mounted on radiators. They generally will be spinning at the same speed anyways. The thoughts on this there is a warning that the CPU_FAN doesn't support as much power as the other two fan headers. And the hub itself is powered by a Sata power cable.
  2. Ok, yeah, I am trying to figure out my wiring mess... I got a hub because I am doing a sff build on an asus strix z370-i board. I am looking at 1 Freezemod Pump, four 120mm fans, 1 rgb strip from distro block, possibly a 92mm fan and maybe a couple rgb strips if I don't care for the lighting within the machine. Was mostly just looking to clean up the look. The hub is: Specifications/Contents: Model: S08-06ARPW Material: Plastic Dimensions: 3.90 x 2.25 x 0.60" Ports: 6 ARGB 3-Pin Ports 6 PWM 4-Pin Ports Connection to M/B: 1 ARGB &
  3. I have a freezemod pump with it's weird split wire. (one 4 pin argb pwm controller with only 2 wires in it) and 1 molex connector with 2 wires in it. Does anyone happen to know if it can be rewired to be able to use it with a hub? It looks like lines are: 4 pin (fan connector) (NULL, NULL, SENSE, CONTROL) Molex (NULL, NULL, GND, +5v) Pump is PU-FS4-J
  4. Youn

    SFF Build

    Went ahead and ordered a cheap a-rgb fan hub from Microcenter. Realized cable management might be an issue with everything hanging out the back.
  5. So, AIOs coming off the line have 2-10% air in them. I have found that works out to about 100ml water per 120mm of radiator space. On the radiators that I have drained (AIOs) they seem to lose about 5-15ml per year of use (permeation through the rubber hose). This means after about 4-5 years your radiator will have a lot of air in it. Air rises in water. It will always move toward the top of your loop. And if the top of your loop is your CPU/pump then it will make a huge amount of noise. Pumps require water to not scrape metal on metal. You can hear the amount of
  6. Youn

    SFF Build

    Well, got the fittings, cpu block and pump... the maze of plumbing has been put in! I am of course still waiting on my motherboard to arrive... grrr So, from top radiator back side, I sort of had to cheat to get to pump.... A close up of that.. The two far left tubes will go to cpu block.... This would be a nightmare to do in hard tubing. The pump by the way is velcroed to the psu.
  7. This by the way is the case I am downsizing out of to the NR200P.. It simply takes up too much space on the desk. Great if you need a test bench style case... not so great if you ever want desk space. By the way.. if you have cats.. they will lay on the top of it.. gah..
  8. Youn

    SFF Build

    Note on above, I still have to fit one of the following pumps into the build.
  9. Youn

    SFF Build

    Yikes... plumbing in an itx case can get rough.. I don't know if I would have patience to do hard tubing in this style.
  10. Youn

    SFF Build

    So, have received the radiators and fans but not the fittings yet.... I did discover I cannot put a straight barbed fitting from the top radiator.. as it runs into the psu and distro block as I have them now.. I will see when I get the 90 degree if I can squeeze it in there.
  11. Check to see if your hard drive with windows is full?
  12. Generally speaking, most people who do 3d printing pick up the 91%+ Isopropyl at your local pharmacist in the states I pick mine up at CVS or Walgreens. You should also be able to just order it also on Amazon.
  13. Youn

    SFF Build

    Thanks, obviously, I have found flaws in my current build that I didn't even realize I had at this point. Sheesh, I didn't realize I could thermal throttle my cpu with a 3 year old AiO on it in one of the most open air cases on the market.
  14. Youn

    SFF Build

    Decided to do a baseline for what my system was at using R23 and CPUID. R23 score is 8814. As can be noted: The cpu currently has a bit of a heat issue with a the H100 corsair cooler on it now.
  15. Youn

    SFF Build

    For anyone checking in on this, feel free to comment. I am sort of working my way through this build as I am going. I don't exactly know how each of these components will go together as I am doing it. Also, my budget for this is very much that of a regular person playing around with their personal machine. I am making decisions based really on what looks ok to myself. Things that I am trying to figure out is use a barrow pump combo vs a standard cpu waterblock and pump. I think looking at it they seem to work out to the same cost... Around 120.00. In both cases, I w