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  1. The very first one with the X thing that's a nightmare to install.
  2. Yes, in hindsight it was a bit of a trap, a false economy. I really can't be bothered sending things back to go AMD though. It's just not worth the stress. The motherboard I got on discount for £117 though so it wasn't too bad and I needed a feature usually only available in more expensive motherboards anyway. (optical audio out) That said Fuma 2 looks like a good half way point though at £58.70 (8.70 delivery makes me mad though) it's 5dB more quiet than a U12A at 100% fan speed and 2.5dB lower under normal load. The cheaper esports duo is what I was interested in as it was only
  3. You can use Google Workspace (Formally Gsuite) and upload using rclone with encryption if you're worried about NDAs.
  4. The Arctic one and the Sycthe Fuma 2 look the best out of these cheaper coolers from what I'm seeing. Arctic still quite a bit cheaper than the Fuma 2. I'll try it. It's definitely worth a shot at that price. I do like the Noctua's but you're certainly paying a premium for it and not always for better performance. If I was 100% sure I'd use it in a future build it might make sense, but there's no guarantee it will even work on future sockets and considering the last time I built a PC was over 7 years ago...
  5. I figured people here might be a bit more knowledgeable than to recommend a 212, yes. I'm by no means an expert, but i've done a lot of research into the Rocket Lake cpus over the past week even though they're massively under reviewed especially in relation to cooling. It's not that I know best it's that people here have Ryzen glasses.
  6. I'm not sure you're familiar with the processor in question? The 212 is a weird suggestion it's such an outdated cooler it's what I'm using on my old 4690k. I don't understand why I keep being recommended coolers more suitable for 6 core Ryzens. This is an 11600k @ stock using the 212. The 11400f with power limits unlocked runs at the same TDP.
  7. It looks decent, but it's still definitely on the lower end of the coolers there and he doesn't list TDP. Fuma 2 looks good, but it's £58 not sure if that's the normal price for it or not, but cool and quiet. I'm not sure I agree with noctua being overhyped, it's more of an investment into their fan systems and the ability to get upgrades for future sockets.
  8. I think so too, but I'm concerned about the temps with such a low end cooler. 11400f has 125w tdp though I believe it can spike higher. Noctua means I can use it when I upgrade to another system, but yeah there's no guarantee that'll be worth it in the long run or that it will still be compatible with whatever is there when I do want to upgrade. Would be nice to see more thermals of the 11400f with power limits unlocked. (not sure why you'd run it at half the speed with them locked but yeah)
  9. Thanks @WereCat I appreciate it. I was originally considering Noctua U12A, but if the cooler you linked will do the job that's a much cheaper option for sure. I don't want to needlessly spend money if I don't have to. This is the case I have if you're curious. https://lian-li.com/product/lancool-ii-mesh/
  10. I've had issues with Corsair ram myself (a long time ago) so I'm actively avoiding them, and had a really bad RMA process about a year ago so all the more reason to. The Crucial ram I was looking at doesn't seem to be in the QVL list for whatever reason? Too risky to chance? It's quite cheap compared to everything else. Don't suppose you could recommend a cooler for the 11400f while you're at it?
  11. He's an older guy he had issues with consumer stuff in the past, he runs ECC ram, and pretty much universally agreed with WereCat's post when I showed him it.
  12. The board should be OK if it's anything like the B560M version. But if you see any issues with it I can still return it. https://www.asus.com/Motherboards-Components/Motherboards/TUF-Gaming/TUF-GAMING-H570-PRO-WIFI What ram would you recommend then as a half way point?
  13. I have a friend telling me it puts a strain on the memory controller, and that if I care about longevity I shouldn't use as you put it, consumer ram. I'm a bit conflicted personally.
  14. Yeah with the 1 AMD board that supports and none of the intel boards doing so? Come on man.
  15. This is a question I'm struggling to find answers to. I care most of all about stability and would rather follow JEDEC standards if at all possible DDR4-1600 (PC4-12800) DDR4-1866 (PC4-14900) DDR4-2133 (PC4-17000) DDR4-2400 (PC4-19200) DDR4-2666 (PC4-21333) DDR4-2933 (PC4-23466) DDR4-3200 (PC4-25600) At 1.2v. Finding JEDEC ram is a mission in itself, but I have found some.