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    91wow got a reaction from a_cushin in PC Upgrade Suggestions   
    Probably a 1080/1080TI when they come into stock on Nvidia's website (Only place I can think of in the US to buy them at MSRP) and look around on Ebay/Craigslist for another 8GB's of ram to up it to 16GB. Also maybe a high end air cooler/AIO to OC the CPU (If it's a K sku and not just a 4790) are my suggestions. 
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    91wow got a reaction from Castdeath97 in Newegg customers are receiving tax bills from the DRS because Newegg didn't charge them sales tax   
    Taxes are handled so differently on so many things in the US. You have state sales tax, you have federal tax, you have shipping tax, you have handling charges. So much changes and since we don't really have a federal minimum wage they can't just charge one universal fee that everyone has to pay. The quality of life changes dramatically across the different states. Like someone in Illinois can't be taxed the same as someone in California on a sale. The person in Illinois makes less per hour than someone in California. It just wouldn't be fair. So some states have sale taxes and internet sale taxes, some don't have either. But, all states have internet sale tax if the business has a footprint in the state, so if I lived in Nevada I wouldn't pay any sales taxes on ordering from Newegg, but since they are located in California I do pay those taxes. 
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    91wow got a reaction from TopHatProductions115 in Show off your latest purchase!   
    You seen how they're Made?
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    91wow got a reaction from Pasi123 in Budget CPU And Ram (And mother board if needed)   
    You can look on the used market. If you plan on streaming a game like PUBG a lot of fast cores is nice. I'd honestly recommend something like a xeon e5 1660 or if you can find an x58 motherboard that can overclock a w3670 xeon. Both will out do anything on AM3 and can usually be found cheaper. Also, if you can up your budget an i7 5820K on the used market is around $200 USD but the x99 motherboards and ram are going to be a bit pricy.
    If you don't want to hunt for an x79 motherboard and don't want to overclock I do highly recommend the 1660. you can find pretty cheap C602 motherboards for pretty cheap
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    91wow got a reaction from minervx in Good headphones for $150 or less?   
    I think now most people kind of agree, the m50x's aren't nearly as good for the money as the M40x's who are more neutral and a fair bit cheaper
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    91wow got a reaction from EliminatingAngels in Buget gaming PC ideab   
    Do not go for a 9370, it's a pointless CPU. Get either a 8320 (not the 8320 E) or a 8350. 
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    91wow got a reaction from ElectronikFArts in How to fix headphone rattle?   
    I have two pairs of headphones I like to use, my ATH m-30's and my ATH M-50's both very good, pretty high end audio headphones but both have developed a rattle with bass heavy music or bass heavy voices that I find quite annoying, It's a constant rattle and it is hard to not hear. Is their anyway to fix this? I know it could be a hair or something on the drivers but if it's not that what else could it be? I would really not like to have to buy a new pair of either since I have very little money since my GTX 590 purchase. I don't have my warranty's on either of them anymore so send them back to Audio Techncia is really a no go either. I'd love some help if any on this and I am sure many people have had this problem with headphones in the past as well if not still having it. Thanks!
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    91wow got a reaction from Guest in Westboro Baptist Church Trying To Picket Leonard Nimoy Funeral   
    How much does it cost to hire an assassin again?
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    91wow got a reaction from Beltboy in Is my ISP blocking twitch?   
    And just like that, it worked, thanks a lot, bud!
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    91wow got a reaction from SeanBond in battlefield terrible fps R9 290x   
    It shouldn't be this bad, I know a lot of people who running dual 280x and some with dual 290's that still see next to no bottlenecking. Hell, I run Bf4 at 40FPS on ultra with a 7870 and a core 2 quad 
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    91wow got a reaction from huracan in battlefield terrible fps R9 290x   
    Try unparking your CPU http://www.coderbag.com/programming-c/disable-cpu-core-parking-utility then see if it gets better. Also run the game in high priority. 
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    91wow got a reaction from callmecars in 1080p vs 1440p vs 1600p vs 4k   
    1440P is a 16:9 aspect ratio, 1600P is a 16:10, 16:10 is a more "professional" ratio, used for editing and such. 970 SLI should be good for another 2-3 years with how games are going at this rate.
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    91wow got a reaction from callmecars in 1080p vs 1440p vs 1600p vs 4k   
    970 sli can do 1080, 1440, and 1600 ultra at 60 FPS on most all games, 4K it can play most games at ultra but it might dip below 60FPS depending on the game,
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    91wow reacted to thekeemo in Obama calls for end to 19 state laws that harm community broadband   
    Whats this? The USA doing something good? 

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    91wow got a reaction from Zuzu in Accepting constructive criticism for my first build   
    well if you're doing that kind of stuff then a lot will be offloaded onto your GPU for rendering and such. I think vegas 11 has cuda acceleration. 
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    91wow got a reaction from Nikeshp79 in 1080P gaming with slow internet connection?   
    you might notice high ping with bad internet, but your resolution has nothing to do with latency 90% of the time
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    91wow got a reaction from Monarch in 1080P gaming with slow internet connection?   
    WHERE THE HELL DO YOU LIVE?? I feel bad for you my dude. Want to live with me you'll get 65 down and 6 up internet, a dog to cuddle with, and sometimes food.
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    91wow got a reaction from davidst95 in Intel i7 5820k and 2x GTX 980s   
    28 is more than enough for two GPU's, the 5820K can even do 3 pretty easy.
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    91wow got a reaction from ben 9902 in Is this psu capable of running a gtx 970?   
    honestly just buy a corsair cx 500m or a evga 500w 80+ bronze. They both use seasonic PCB's and really high quality parts. 
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    91wow got a reaction from Fate in does CPU matter on gaming?   
    I wish someone I knew had a CPU that supports quicksync.. lol Im the only one that has a intel CPU and its a core 2 quad
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    91wow got a reaction from Suffokation in So i turned 15 today...   
    The bird eats the bee... In more than one way.. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN
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    91wow got a reaction from Kobrastachka in does CPU matter on gaming?   
    For just gaming with no overclocking, go with the I5. If you're video editing, rendering, streaming, recording and all that go with a FX 8320 and a 970 board. You can still oc the CPU to like 4.1 pretty easy on 970 and you aren't really going to see a big FPS drop in games.
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    91wow got a reaction from Shevids1996 in Corsair K70 or K70 RGB   
    Im not sure on this or not but I have been hearing a lot on reddit that the blue switch K70's have had a lot of problems with the LEDS. So try to keep clear of that if you can.