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  1. As of June 2021, Nvidia has an estimated net worth of more than $150 billion. It has a total asset of $13.292 billion and equity worth $9.342 billion. The company earned $3.047 billion in the 2018 fiscal year and total annual revenue of $9.714 billion, which is 40.6% more than the previous fiscal cycle.
  2. The publicized cost was estimated to be 2.6 billi. About fifteen years ago, the cost of setting up a new state-of-the-art semiconductor fab was estimated to be around 4~5 billion USD. Adjusting for inflation today ( Inflation Calculator) it corresponds to a 50% increase, so it would be about 7.5 billion USD. u will give the money?
  3. ok what about make a regulation for miners and keep a limit
  4. Because it takes YEARS to build a processor fabrication plant and those things usually don't just sit around idle so you either have to wait for openings in the fabrication plant schedule or bump other projects (which will cost money). And that's just the GPU chip itself. The card has dozens or hundreds of other components on it too and you have to ask all of them to make more stuff… and if they don't have it laying around or already in production then you have to wait months or years for them to produce the parts. It sucks to not be able to build a card because a single inductor on the c