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  1. In that case the amp would be the tablet? Cause I can just connect bluetooth speakers to my PC, laptop, smartphone, or I suppose a tablet, and it'll work right out the box. So what would be the point in getting a bluetooth amp? Or am I not understanding something? Can anyone tell me what the difference would be between a single BT stereo speakers (jbl flip 5?), two of those connected and placed around the room, bt powered monitors like these https://www.presonus.com/products/Eris-E35-BT, or a bt soundbar like this https://www.presonus.com/products/Eris-E35-BT ?
  2. Amp + speakers? What's the job of the amp? Would speakers without an amp have lower quality sound? About bluetooth powered monitors, do you mean like this? https://www.presonus.com/products/Eris-E35-BT How do you think these would sound compared to a small bt speaker like a jbl flip? I also think avoiding anything wired is a good idea. Do you think any cheap tablet would do the job? What else could I be playing sound from if not a tablet?
  3. Do you mean something like this? https://www.amazon.fr/haut-parleur-Bluetooth-Streaming-téléphone-ordinateur/dp/B07YKV7G29 I can get that for 26€ I actually didn't know what a sound bar was. What's the difference between that and, say, a single jbl flip bluetooth speaker? Better audio? Cheaper? Would you say getting 2 bluetooth speakers would be a useful investment for stereo (placing them at 2 different spots in the room)? Would it even be possible to set them up with a tablet? (I think they can connect to each other, right?)
  4. Thanks for all the answers guys. It seems the delay is unavoidable. It's the same on my laptop. What I'll do is just use the jack cable when I want to play games where the delay is a game-breaker. It has as low a delay as my plugged headphones so it's fine! When using the headphones wireless with another, plugged, one (which I often do with Voicemeeter Banana), I'll run into some delay problems (plugged won't have any delay and A/V sync will not be on) so I'll just induce a 200 ms delay on the plugged headphones which you can thanksfully do with Voicemeeter (amazing app
  5. Hey all, This isn't really home theater but I figured this was the best sub-forum to ask this - My mom has a kindergarten school and she needs an audio setup so that she and her teachers can play music for the children. Money is a factor, but virtually unlimited if it's warranted. Sound needs to be good to train the children's ears. Still, doesn't need to be anything over-the-top, this is a small family school. Since several people are gonna use it, I figure it needs a dedicated device to store all the audio in, and since they're probably gonna need to brows
  6. Thanks for the answer! Would the XM3 headphones suffer from the same issue? Any other wireless headsets with ANC that would be good for gaming? Edit: I tested, 205ms of added latency compared to my usb headphones. Unacceptable.
  7. Hey all! I just got my new WH-1000XM4 headphones. 240€. At that price I expect something really f'in good. And yet on my PC, using a 5.0 bluetooth adapter, there is a noticeable delay in audio. The delay is very short on youtube and VLC, because of, I suppose, the A/V sync system, so it's not a problem (it is higher than on my wired headphones however, unless I'm being influenced by the placebo effect). But in video games, it's very noticeable, though I can't say how much it is. Maybe 100 ms, maybe 200, but in any case, it makes my brain hurt. My adapter is
  8. Hi everyone! I've recently been writing and reading a lot on a usb flash drive and got curious about the write speeds. I realized while writing this post that I'd mixed up my ports and had been using a 2.0 forever instead of the 3.1. Fuck me. I ended up testing all my drives and would like your advice on how to get better speeds. Just got a brand new external HDD too which I also tested. The USB port I'm using on my laptop is 3.2 Gen 1, the port I'm using on my PC is 3.1 Gen 1. Here are the CDM results: PC : Flash drive USB 3.1 https
  9. Thanks for the advice. What's fun (or not) is that after realizing windows 10 was a no-go I tried to boot windows 7, and it's now slow as hell, it froze for an hour, and the touchpad was still not working. Fun. No idea what I did to this poor computer. Guess I'll do a fresh windows 7 install. Although I can't find w7 drivers on packard bell's website . I might try to repaste it although I've never opened a laptop before and I don't want to break it as it belongs to a coworker who brought it to me.
  10. Actually solved my own problem. VoiceMeeter. Can split audio to two different devices. Say USB and jack. Jack and jack too, provided your drivers allow you to use both at once. I was able to somehow use my USB headset, my jack headset on front panel, and my jack earbuds on rear panel all at the same time with just the software.
  11. Hey all! I've been desperately looking for a way to split audio on a w10 laptop/android smartphone. I'd like to listen to music/play games/watch movies with my best friend through my devices (home pc, laptop, smartphone) without having to buy & transport speakers and set them up every time I move around. (I am a headphones lover and hate the built-in speakers in my devices) I have usb headphones, jack headphones, and jack earbuds. I could not find a way to use them simultaneously without an audio splitter (so, using my jack headphones & earbuds), so I got one an
  12. Yep! I realized that when I tried to get a laptop on a german website. German keyboard. Nopers. Regular QWERTY would be fine for me though. But I switched my focus to models available in France anyway. Maybe I'll get a lenovo ideapad 3 15" with a R7 5700U and its igpu, 512 GB ssd, and 12 GB ram. 80€ above my 600€ budget, but seems solid.
  13. Thanks a lot, I'll be using this website! I was using a french one but something for the whole of europe is way better.
  14. I see. Makes sense. So you're suggesting I buy a laptop with a dedicated gpu? I spotted this one https://www.e.leclerc/fp/pc-portable-156-lenovo-ideapad-gaming-3-15imh05-0194778309400 (sorry for the french) which has an i5-10300H and a GTX 1650 Ti with a 512 SSD and 8 GB ram. However, kinda expensive for what it is at 700€ (imo anyway). Maybe I suck at shopping but I can't find much better. Interesting, thanks. I was digging for info on taxes in France but this shit is hard to find. Good point about insurance.
  15. For gaming I'm hoping to run indie games such as Stardew Valley, Don't Starve, The Witness, Minecraft, Starbound, Enter the Gungeon, Legend of Grimrock... I am not going to game on Apex Legends, GTA V, Witcher 3, or anything that demanding, simply because I have a powerful PC at home to do that already and I don't want to spend too much money. The cpu (R3 5300U ?) is quad core and it seems pretty good. In fact, it seems as performant as the i5 8400 that I have on my PC right now. 128GB SSD storage is good for me, I'll buy an external HDD for movies and stuff. Indie game