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  1. sainoh

    Heating pad

    Ya I thought so too. I’ve seen where top end ones can make up to a 12 degree temp change.
  2. sainoh

    Heating pad

    Ya it’s a fairly new laptop. Dell said the cpu is rated at 100 and can perform fine like that but I know good and well running at those temps for long amounts of times can take life off it.
  3. I just had the same issue and had to have the daughterboard replaced. Which is pretty much the lan port for you Ethernet port. The pins inside could be damaged. The steps to find out would be to go ahead and test the cablle on another device and make sure you read that you’re getting the 1000 mbps in the network adapter. If it doesn’t work on another device could be the cord.
  4. sainoh

    Heating pad

    Even with intake on the bottom?
  5. sainoh

    Heating pad

    So I’m having trouble with thermals on my laptop which I know for a gaming laptop is expected. I have a pretty crappy cooling pad right now. How much difference will a decent to high end cooling pad make. Are we talking 5 degrees or we talking more. Cause I’m looking at some that have different highs adjustments and a decent about of fans with fan settings speeds. Just curious if the difference.
  6. It is a laptop so it could be the issue. I’ve tried underclocking and it helps temps but doesn’t help much with the performance side of things. And I thought that’skind if what it was suppose to do
  7. I just overclocked my gpu trying to get more. No thermal problem cause even under stress the cpu is around 85 at highest and gpu barley hits 60. The ram I’ll have to look on CPUz to check it. What should I oook for the clock to be in the bios for the ram.
  8. I have an 17 10750 2070 super and 16 fb ram. I’m running at around 20 per cpu and 30 gpu and having poor performance in most games. I’m talking 60 70 FPS on games I should get well over 140 even on low FPS. I’m just not sure why I’m not even using 50 percent of the hardware and the games are running trash.
  9. thanks man. prolly not worth tbh. have a good day
  10. ya ive done that also. not for that reason but for something else a couple days ago. Tried to kill 2 birds one stone and to no avail
  11. its only a couple months old and still has warranty but i dont want to send it off just for a port really
  12. ive tried this 4 or 5 different times. even tried a factory reset
  13. ya like ive said ive done most trouble shooting i can and that was the first thing i checked
  14. i know its not the cable it was connected to another computer and was running at 1 gb. also tried mulitple cat 6 on computer and still was 100 mb
  15. So Im capped at 100 mbps. i have the killer e3000 2.5 gb controller and looking at the speed it stays capped at 100. tested the cat 6 that was brand new on another laptop and it reads the 1.0 gb connection with the same cord i use for my gaming laptop. ive tried clean install of killer control panel. Ive tried the fix from the intel support and what not. The pins in the port all also look fine. running at 100 mbps isnt bad or anything but i do pay for 1000 so id prefer to get that