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Everything posted by adarw

  1. like all intel upgrades they all are awkward in a way, it was interesting to know that he was a butcher before becoming a editor.
  2. is that a ps3 controller?


  3. adarw

    Music taste is subjective, so those who think o…

    so your telling me that this is good subjectively? lol
  4. adarw

    I'm starting another Minecraft Bedrock texture…

    rgb candles.
  5. i lost a brain cell, you would think by reading this that this guy is in his 60-70's while i dislike elon, i cant deny that teslas are good.
  6. a meme i made (yes, Grammarly is annoying):



  7. adarw

    in the near future, im going to delete this acc…

    i might do that, but idk, i can technically do it with me testing see if i improve in school with 2 weeks out of here.
  8. just finishing season 1, glad i asked you about it, its noice.
  9. adarw


    if price doesnt matter and you want to play at 1080p get a 6600xt.
  10. adarw


    price of each? are you trying to use rtx?
  11. and just like that @TetraSky concluded that he/she is Canadian.
  12. i was recently looking at the r12 rv2 but what the heck? why are they so expensive? like they aren't vintage or anything yet they are like half the price when they were released 10 years ago. why?
  13. adarw

    I actually did it.

    oh wow, you should have made it 12hr clock instead of 24hrs tho
  14. adarw

    me: awake at 3 am brain: [spoiler]

    this should go on r/HarryPotterMemes
  15. he probably has it disabled. he also only goes on the forum every couple of days so he isnt actively watching this fourm.
  16. this thread in a nutshell: @LinusTechoh my god you need to revist the $1000 hdmi or @LinusTechoh my god you need to see this cool cable company.
  17. yooo minecraft is going to be sick in 1.18

  18. you do realize that there have been multiple groups giving viruses and controlling youtube account from just spaming.
  19. adarw

    in the near future, im going to delete this acc…

    its a saturday, i dont have school right now, not in a rush. but i will dont worry lol
  20. they said kahoot would be fun....


  21. it depends on the user and how good you take care of it, ive seen someone use a aio for 10 years but the owner bought a new one for looks. until you start geting high temps your fine i would say. but like @8tg said i would replace the coolent if you can.
  22. forgot to tell you this but i dont think the seller is going to ship the 1060 to canada. its going for like $16 at the moment.