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  1. I got a case about $60 which could hold 3 GPU, I think that's fine for me right now. I found there is DopaMINE which looks cool, but I don't see anywhere is selling it. I would like to build it for my next rig if it is open for selling. I'm looking for a home mining solution, and... we don't have several available rooms either Btw, I build one barebone cost $350 for the case rig, check this out if someone is interested: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/dotku/builds/#view=ZwBZxr
  2. I install the SATA SSD from my previous HP computer, it seems MSI x470 motherboard doesn't support it, any idea?
  3. I think Linus is great, I learn a lot from him. But why don't linus provide business service for business customer? I believe many buyers still need help on building/customize their PC in business level. Similar provider including iBuyPower. I also think pcpartpicker is great, but it seems less interactive. Eg, I want to pick the store ... shopping feature might need improved. On the other hands, I think business still need IT support, but LTTStore sales only TShirt instead of PC components? I believe LTT could be next newegg or even better. Any comments?
  4. I see most coin miner either open rig or pretty noise, how can I build a quiet but profitable mining rig for extra income? I do have few graphic cards Eg RX580, and I am looking for a build suggestion. I created one parts list on pcpartpicker, https://pcpartpicker.com/user/dotku/saved/#view=tpNwgs. Please advice. Thanks, Jay Lin