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  1. I don't know how to do a custom curve, I just pick the "standard" option in the BIOs, there is also a "silent" option. At higher temps it reaches 100% and playing in 4K, I would hit 100% every time. The Noctua industrial fans are 2000 rpm while the NF-F12 is 1500 rpm, so if I'm going to hit 100% load, the NF-F12 would be more quiet while having almost the same performance of pressure and air movement. That's how I see it but you know more than me.
  2. I have never used them but reviews say the fans are loud under load and I play in 4K. Even Nocuta's website has a disclaimer saying they are louder than normal fans and to look at the more consumer ones like the NF-F12
  3. I was thinking the O11 Dynamic and an Asus Ryujin AIO, which comes with Nocuta industrial 2000rpm fans but i'm looking for ones that are more quiet
  4. Ok and would the NF-F12 be good to use as a regular case fan to push air out as exhaust as well? or is it just good on rads
  5. I'm looking at Noctua fans NF-F12 says it has 1500 rpm with airflow of 93 m3h, noise at 22 dba NF-S12A says it has 1200 rpm with airflow of 107 m3h, noise at 17 dba If I'm reading that correctly, the lower rpm NF-S12A pushes more air and has lower noise, then there are other fans that have 2000 rpm. What RPM is good for radiators around 27mm thick?
  6. Would make for a good LLT video. Use a computer and switch out the fans to test temps and noise levels
  7. I read Noctua fans have self-stabilizing oil-pressure bearings, are they better at cooling and noise levels compared to Corsair's mag lev fans?
  8. Since Alder Lake CPUs have different dimensions, do we have to wait for companies to release a new compatible model of AIO or can we use what's available now?
  9. I was thinking the new Alder Lake i7-12700k when it comes out and an Asus Ryujin 360 AIO
  10. This monster case says it can hold 20 fans, would love to see the "20 fan pc build" Anidees AI Crystal XL PRO RGB Full Tower Tempered Glass XL-ATX/E-ATX/ATX Gaming Case
  11. I know but I really like the way it looks, 95% of cases is just a rectangle with nothing going on besides maybe a angular design in the front
  12. A video showing how to switch a 240mm rad from an AIO with a 360mm rad