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  1. psu is not an issue, running an 850w evga gq. I thought i would need it when i first built my pc a year ago.
  2. never mind if i dont need to i really dont want to try and figure it out, but thanks anyways
  3. wait how do i do that? Lol im sorry about sounding stupid i am more of a hardware guy than a software guy
  4. I am about to upgrade my 1660 ti to an Asus Strix 3070! My question is, is there anything I need to save, uninstall, or do before I upgrade?
  5. yeah you dont lol. maybe a 1650 super?
  6. does it stay that hot for a long time? My pc goes up to 60c, which is pretty great, 80c is fine for a short amount a time (a few minutes or so)
  7. i would say its a scam, gpus are selling for way too much these days, and they probably dont want to pay that much
  8. lmfao, thats why i have an odyssey g7, 1440p, 240hz, and thank god its not oled, screen burn in go brrrr
  9. a 730 is really bad... https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-RTX-2070-vs-Nvidia-GeForce-GT-730/4029vsm12582 maybe wait till the gpu crisis is over and then buy a 3060
  10. 38c is fine. What is the hottest temp you have gotten so far on cpu and gpu?
  11. you dont really need it, just touch your case or a grounded piece of metal every few minutes. As a matter of fact, an anti static bracelet can actually get in the way when installing a cpu
  12. Just a few days ago, I won the Asus 3070 Strix OC in the newegg shuffle! I am going to put it in my pc, but my Corsair 220t is too small, I just ordered a 5000d Airflow. Also, I got a 3070 TI EVGA FTW3, I will probably keep the Asus, the EVGA came with a prebuilt, and sell the EVGA for a slightly higher price than MSRP (i got them both for MSRP, the EVGA is like $850 USD, I will sell to a friend for like $900) The Strix card came with a 360mm AIO, I don't really want it, it has obnoxious Asus branding. It also came with an overpriced Asus TUF power supply, 6
  13. i did stop playing minecraft though i got sick of being made fun of for using a 10700k and a 1660 ti for minecraft, at least battlfield 5 is a good reason to have a 3070, hopefully i can get one soon