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    luke_2bossly reacted to AlwaysFSX in E3 2015 EA Press Conference - Mega Thread   
    Better be damn Battlefront gameplay shown.
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    luke_2bossly got a reaction from LordGabenSweg in The Monster - Final Draft!   
    Well then everything looks good  
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    luke_2bossly reacted to HmmR in Volts vs Watts vs Amps?   
    Electricity is measured in terms of amperage, voltage, and wattage. Amperage (amps for short) is a measure of the AMOUNT of electricity used. Voltage (volts) measures the pressure, or FORCE, of electricity. The amps multiplied by the volts gives you the wattage (watts), a measure of the WORK that electricity does per second.

    Think of it this way: Electricity flowing through a wire is like water flowing through a garden hose. The amount of water that can fit through the hose depends on the diameter of the hose (amps). The pressure of the water depends on how far open the faucet is (volts). The amount of work that can be done (watts) depends on both the amount and the pressure of the water (volts x amps = watts).
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    luke_2bossly got a reaction from kickasssloth in Sending in review samples to Linus   
    Send him or slick a message on the forum
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    luke_2bossly reacted to lukky211111 in ...New desk?   
    check out ikea.
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    luke_2bossly reacted to Enderman in WAN Show during Linus' trip?   
    uuuuuuh because he is leaving this weekend...?
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    luke_2bossly got a reaction from Decon in Games Very Laggy on Good PC Setup   
    It might be the game, also your cpu is pretty weak
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    luke_2bossly got a reaction from lukky211111 in EVGA gtx 980 super clocked packaging.   
    Mother of gawd asus has some freaking OP packaging on ares card....evga needs 2 take notes 
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    luke_2bossly got a reaction from Trik'Stari in thoughts on triple 24" 1080 monitors   
    Absolutely its worth it
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    luke_2bossly reacted to Slick in All 4 GBS of VRAM on the 970 perform at the same speed.   
    So today was fun! Outside of my normal admin duties this got slammed in my face out of nowhere...

    I try to keep most mod things behind closed doors because things just work better that way, but msquare, or whatever name they are going by currently, seems to be pulling everyone they can into this; so I'll give some public explanation to hopefully clear things up so people can finally move on.

    Here we go...

    We can fix problems with peoples accounts. Being banned isn't a "problem with your account". You were banned for a reason, and with that you are not allowed to come back.
    msquare was not told by Linus, nor myself to make a new account. This never happened.
    Windspeed correctly banned the account for ban evasion. This is our moderation policy.
    Sometimes things do get lost in communication! We're a rather large team of volunteers (yes even me, I do most of my admin duties outside of work hours). This was not one of those times.

    - All of this has been addressed above.

    Funny you brought that up, you will find that the mod team is surprisingly well informed and I happen to know exactly who you are talking about and what posts they are actually discussing.Incoming fantastic paint censorship skills in 3...2...1...

    This is the post that was removed (not deleted, just hidden)
    This user was issued a warning for spamming and their post was hidden. This is a minor infraction which is fairly unimportant, yet definitely was contested.

    For reference, here is the actual warning. A member made a post that only contained the word "Penis". That post was then removed and a warning was sent as it is a waste of space on our boards and served no purpose (spam). Seems pretty straight forward.

    Was this dealt with entirely professionally? No it was not.
    That being said, I'll re-iterate something I've said in the past. My Mods have lives, they are unpaid, they are not trained police... they will make mistakes. Sometimes they will take it slightly too far or not far enough based on external factors... It will happen. This warning was rude, you are right. Airdeano is also a very experienced moderator and deals with a metric ton of reports every day... He is a machine. I'd estimate his accuracy to be well over 99%. A pretty damn fine track record if I do say so myself and I'm proud to have him as a member of my team. Everyone slips up.
    Now to add some insight, the member in question here posted a quite abrasive "I'm leaving" thread, which we don't allow and it was taken down. The member then sent me a PM requesting a ban, so he was banned. He then evaded this ban by creating a new account.. Something that is extremely frowned upon. Considering he did this in order to talk to me, fair enough.. I did respond to his PM, which consisted of him simply attacking my mods for not responding quickly enough to a thread he felt should have been taken down, and then attacking the user that posted the thread... a generally unproductive conversation.
    After responding to the PM I banned him again. He requested a ban, so he was banned and he is no longer welcome on our forums... That is how it works

    Oh it's YOU! That's fun. I'll let you stay around for a bit then ban you again when I get back home from Jiu-Jitsu
    Cool, yup, making a new account and PM’ing me about issues is a heavily suggested way to dispute a ban! I did reply though... I can screenshot and PM it to you if you'd like! I keep WONDERFUL logs of these things
    You requested a ban, this puts you in the group of people that have been banned... And you are treated like the other banned members! I mean no offense by this, but if you no longer want to be a part of the forum then so be it! But the rules still apply.
    Also I didn't IP ban you, not sure what's going on there...

    There was no screenshot in that thread, we still have the thread. Also you asked to be banned, I have proof of that as well.
    After replying to your PM you were banned again for ban evasion, as per our policy.

    That doesn't sound like mortis, but accusations like this are serious, if there is any proof this should be brought to my attention immediately. As this is the first I have heard of this I find it very hard to believe.
    I am tired of people attacking my mods for their age. They act very mature regardless of their age, more mature than a lot of people who are my age.

    Sometimes people are busy, sometimes the thread hasn’t been reported, there are many reasons why thread could slip through.

    Yes, censorship of "Penis" was enforced.
    Disputes are to be sent to my inbox, not publically over the forum.
    You were not IP banned. I very rarely IP ban people... this is a tech forum, most of the users know how to and will install a VPN, so IP bans are virtually useless.
    WM and BoG are both great mods, I agree, but so is the rest of my team. If any members have issues with mods please PM me, I have removed members of the mod team in the past and I will do it again if it's neededNow please. Go away. You left and requested a ban. Let's not make this awkward - we had a good run baby, now it's over... stop trying to sneak into my house
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    luke_2bossly reacted to Misanthrope in Steam Machine/ Theater PC Build suggestions   
    I would consider the silverstone raven though

    Yes you will need an SFX PSU but just look at how many of the official steam machines actually use this case: it's like half of them
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    luke_2bossly got a reaction from JScott03 in Asus stix or original CU   
    and thats why you can change the fan curve
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    luke_2bossly got a reaction from Totally-A-Hero in Post some funny anime moments (gif or video)   
    no. I refuse. 
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    luke_2bossly got a reaction from Lexias in UFO/Aliens?   
    Thats what she said
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    luke_2bossly got a reaction from Syntaxvgm in September 19, 2014 - The WAN Show Document   
    who won giveaway?
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    luke_2bossly got a reaction from -rascal- in Is there any difference between Asus Z97-A and Asus Z97-AR?   
    pretty much theres an R
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    luke_2bossly reacted to Jodomcfrodo in Battlefield Hardline - Laughably bad   
    You're so cool for jumping on the hate wagon. I want to be like you.
    Seriously, the beta was extremely fun. If you don't like it, don't buy it. No one cares. Enjoy the game or don't play it. 
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    luke_2bossly got a reaction from TheCholin in 760 vs 970   
    precisely I like people that can read between the lines hahahah !
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    luke_2bossly reacted to Fooshi in when will the 970 be released?   
    Come on, this is just lazy. I hate to be that guy, but Christ, learn to Google.
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    luke_2bossly reacted to Dubesta11 in Is an aftermarket cooler actually better on the 900's?   
    If you buy a card from EVGA within a certain time limit, they will allow you to spend the extra money to trade in your old GPU for a new one. Always buy from EVGA if you plan on upgrading, or buying a new product soon.
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    luke_2bossly got a reaction from JoshTBG in 970 vs 780   
    I think 970 is better, faster, and cheaper
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    luke_2bossly got a reaction from Flyguygamer in 970 vs 780   
    I think 970 is better, faster, and cheaper
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    luke_2bossly got a reaction from LarsReviews in Astronomers Find Smallest Galaxy With Supermassive Black Hole   
    thats what she said
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    luke_2bossly got a reaction from MPX309 in How much better is an i7 over an i5 for gaming, is it worth spending the extra?   
    why the hell does everyone like your post as soon as you post them hahahaha !!!! Not fair
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    luke_2bossly reacted to Kingofpants in I got 170 Ratings! Post Your Rating And Why You Deserve It :)   
    I don't check this much since I'm only ever on mobile.
    But , I'm liked...