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  1. happens to previews or youtube videos the whole tv display goes black for a split second then gets sharp and slightly darker, using a phillips roku tv idk which model, any help would be appreciated, (if needed my gpu is a 2060)
  2. i just put it in today, i had an apu was running off that a 2200g overclocked b450m ds3h and a vs650 with 24gb of ram
  3. update: i tok out my ssd with my drive on it and it loaded up my bios maybe there's something i can do here
  4. i put the graphics card in waited for it to boot and when it did it said no operating system found any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. my family has horrible credit (we are just now getting out of it) and im looking for a site that i can pay off a pc with without the need of good credit, is there any???? also im looking to pay off over months not weeks
  6. buying a used gtx 1070ti from newegg and im scared if it wont ship to me as intended all the reviews are 100% but there are only 3 of them so it makes me worried
  7. will my b450m ds3h work with ryzen 3000? i havent updated the bios since 2018 so im not sure if its compatible still
  8. will the 5600x bottleneck the gpu at all? thats the only thing im worried about
  9. im thinking of a 3600x r5
  10. is there any amd 8 core cpu that wont bottleneck it or will i have to use a 6 core?
  11. i'm using a ds3h b450 gigabyte motherboard and it's not saying enabled but just profile one and im curious if profile 1 enabled xmp
  12. i combined 2400 hz and 3600 hz on a motherboard that only maxes out ram at 2133 hz is this safe?