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  1. Thanks for the input! I figured it would work okay to go with 12awg + the power bar but wanted to make sure. I'm going to go that route to make sure the extension going up to the power bar is okay this time. Right now I'm just renting where I am so definitely works better than doing any rewiring.
  2. Thanks for the response, I deduced that the extension cord I was using is the culprit by moving the pc to an outlet that is running a different PC well. I know the extension is 16awg which is good for about 7 amps or up to 840watts or so which is lower than I should have been using for my PC, monitor, printer and peripherals but didn't consider this too well when I got it set up. Thankfully I didn't have too many issues, the main one being the frame skipping in games or with the cursor that I mentioned... But there were other issues that I left out including long load times for ap
  3. I was having some problems with my PC skipping frames with my cursor moving across the desktop or moving the camera around in games. Eventually I diagnosed the problem as dirty electricity narrowed down to a 16awg extension cord. Where my PC is located I need to run a 30ft extension and it worked great for a couple years, but it looks like the gauge overheated or something. I plan on replacing this cord with ideally a 12awg extension, but I want to make sure the equipment is plugged into a surge protector bar... All the surge protectors that I found rate the cord as 14a