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  1. I mean about the same thing over and over again like I said. If only a quick googling could solve this problem I won't be asking anyway.
  2. If you mean this setting, I wouldn't go as far as making a post to ask from my problem. I've done this a very long time ago and I'm sick of people telling me Maximum performance means no power saving that I said above
  3. Sorry I couldn't find the "Power and Suspension", "Additional energy saving settings", or "Change advanced energy saving settings" on the Settings>system. I just can find the "Power & sleep" and "Additional power setting". Could you attach a screenshot of the setting? And btw I just updated my nvidia driver and the problem seems to be gone since I updated, at least for now.
  4. I have ASUS TUF A15 FX506IU. My wifi adapter keep "missing" while I'm playing game. The wifi suddenly disconnects and I need to run windows troubleshooter. It then will reset my wireless adapter and sometimes the resetting will be failed and the wifi adapter will be missing. If it does, I need to restart my laptop, but sometimes it doesn't work and I need to restart several times to make it comes back. It says that that device is not connected. I've tried every fix I could find on the internet. None worked for me. Resetting using cmd, reinstalling, updating all drivers