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  1. Oh yeah, I also just tried using usb tethering with my phone (don't have a usb wifi dongle) but that didn't work either. As with the other 3, it showed up in the device manager but ultimately did nothing.
  2. I just bought an asus maximus xii formula second-hand and tried to set it up, but I cannot for the life of me get it to connect to the internet or even show any sign of connectivity. It has a Marvell 10gbit and an Intel 2.5gbit ethernet port, none of which will recognize a working ethernet connection when plugged in, as well as an in-built wifi adapter that doesn't show up in windows even if the antenna is installed. I also checked that all of them are enabled in the BIOS In the case of the Intel, when I plug in the cable the lights will light up (green flashing, ora