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  1. Thanks for the detailed explanation.
  2. I don't have Kill-A-Watt or that kind of meter near my area. So any software solution?
  3. I have a 700W power supply. Does it take 700W from the wall all the time and deliver whatever necessary according to the task or takes whatever necessary from the wall?(Just want to know the concept so I didn't factor the efficiency) Also if I use the hardware monitor to check the power usage what will I get? what the PC is drawing from the wall or what the PC is using or are they same? Can this value be used for the calculation for the electricity cost?
  4. won't the electro magnetic signals from inside the case interfere with the router wireless signals?
  5. Is it okay to put my router on top of a casing? Will the pc disturb the work of the wireless network when it's running?
  6. Really appreciate the detailed explanation.
  7. oh ok thank you. I am so dumb sorry.
  8. One of my mice is Logitech M185. It uses 2 AAA batteries but I could not find the rated voltage of the battery. I'm using 1.5V AAA battery.
  9. Thank you for the suggestion.
  10. If I calculate for 1 year cost will it be cheaper than other options? considering regular gaming?
  11. I have recently started using wireless mouse with battery. Which battery should I get for better value and longevity? Should I use rechargeable or just alkaline? And where can I get them if you can tell? I have 2 mice, 1 with AA battery and 1 with AAA battery. I don't want to use adapter. Need suggestion for both category. Thanks in advance.
  12. yes I meant that. Sorry for not clearly mentioning.
  13. I have a dual channel Gigabyte motherboard with 16GB ram 8 GB in each channel. This motherboard has 4 slots for ram, so 2 slots for each channel. If I put another 2 16GB of rams (same manufacturer and ratings) in each channel will it run as total of 48GB ram 24GB in each channel? Will there be any problem?