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  1. Ah, thanks, I'll try it, can it possibly fix grub?
  2. Is there such command to enter the Boot Manager for Windows 10? I'm trying to make one instead of having to enter UEFI settings then exiting it then pressing F12 repeatedly
  3. The Windows boot manager wont open when I turn on/restart my pc when pressing F12 (my key for the boot manager), I can only access the boot manager by entering the BIOS then booting out of it then pressing F12, other than that, it won't appear, and I don't know why.
  4. Oh, I see, thanks though and sorry about using the wrong form
  5. How does one actually root their android device? I've been trying to root my device for some time but with no avail, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if the tutorials I'm watching are fake, but i tried using apps like "King" or something like that both with my pc connected and via my phone, help
  6. Ohh okay, thanks for telling me, my friend suggested pop os to me saying that it has no bloatware and its a good linux distro to start with as a beginner, thats why i decided on pop os
  7. amd dual core processor e1 7010 2gb ram 500gb hdd basically im trying to dual boot it on a slow laptop
  8. I used different Flash Drives, reinstalled the .iso multiple times, recreated the partitions for the OS, am I missing something? I found out that the linux-swap partition was 3.9 gb and not 4 for some reason, even though I set it as 4 so I added 4.1 gb for swap, and it read it as 4, but that still didnt fix the freezing. The boot partition is more than 800mb by a bit, unsure if it affects it, I really don't know what to do. By the way, the Flash Drives are just under 8 gb, like 7.60gb or something, don't know if that affects anything
  9. Mine is a 64 gb san disk sd card, can formatting it help?
  10. Some of my files in my sd card suddenly have ".0" or "_.0" after the file name, so files like ".jpg" and ".mp4" won't work unless if I remove everything after the original file format, why did the files become like that? Could it be because my SD Card is corrupted?
  11. Good idea, i should probably format my windows
  12. I heard about tronscript not too long ago, apparently it scans for any viruses and deletes it instantly
  13. Thanks, i'll try reinstalling it first, I don't think it was a corrupt iso, I used balenaEtcher this time and it checked if it flashed it correctly, and it did but my laptop crashed again, so its either the iso or my flash drive