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  1. This is very true. Thanks! Unrelated: Do you have any recommendations on good secondary anti-virus/malware scanners? I used to use MalwareBytes as a secondary scanner (for when things like this show up) but idk if they're the gold standard anymore.
  2. Will do. Just did a system restore. Probably going to do once a week at least. Could this be a sign of something failing? Or just have backups to be on the safe side? I have a 1TB WD Black NVME SSD as my main storage and a 2TB Crucial SSD as my secondary (primarily for work, games and the like). You can see the full build here: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/nmxkYg The VMs are installed on my main.
  3. Hi all, I built the computer about 2 weeks ago but the error started about 12 hours ago. Just as the topic says, Windows Security is saying that a threat was found and action was taken, but nothing is showing up in Protection History. I checked the Event Viewer to see if any viruses or malware was found and sure enough, nothing. I've also done a few follow up quick scans and found nothing. Some googling points to it being a bug with windows defender and I've done the following solutions suggested by others but nothing has worked so far:
  4. Yeah, I'm not exactly sure what the table is made of. I know it's covered in plastic but it might be wood at it's core? All I know for sure is that the frame and legs are metal. I did see that video. Was a very funny and informative watch lol. Thinking of putting the bracelet in my ankle and connecting it to the case (or plugged in but off psu) just to be doubly sure. Heck, probably even the wood too because why not. Thanks for the responses everyone. I have much more confidence in attempting this now.
  5. Hi all, I'm about to start my new build but I really don't have many non-carpeted areas in my house. I'm considering building on a plastic/metal folding table (with cardboard on top) and placing some particle board under my feet (while wearing rubber sandals) to separate myself from the carpeted floor. Would this be enough or should I get a wrist strap as well? Maybe hold out for the non-carpeted areas to become less busy? It feels like I'm fine but I'm not 100% sure. (FYI the carpet isn't particularly fuzzy. It's one of those really short indoor/outdoor
  6. Perfect. Thanks again! Definitely gonna file that article away for safe keeping.
  7. That's great to hear! Thanks! Where did you find that table?
  8. Yeah guys, me too. Had so many sites open (including pdf manuals for both) trying to type this post out. Thanks for the help! I'm very relieved. Even if I don't get the full gen 2 speed, I'm just happy it'll work.
  9. Hi all, (Hope this is the right place for this.) I recently purchased a Corsair 4000D Airflow and a B550 Gaming Carbon WiFi but unfortunately just noticed the Front IO connectors don't match. B550 has a 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C connector 4000D either has a 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C (info from pcpartpicker) or a 3.1 (not sure of the generation) Type-C (info from Corsair's manual and website) cable Would these still be compatible with each other? I've heard they are but I wouldn't get the same speeds (which I really wouldn't mind). Is this true or will I have to r
  10. Perfect. Thanks. So there's no real chance of the exhaust damaging anything unless it's right next to it? Figure the wood of the shelf (and the boxes some of the figures/models are in) should protect them a bit.
  11. Thanks! This helps a lot. Just a few questions: Board: I really need wifi for where I am and as many USB ports as I can get. What are your thoughts on this board? https://pcpartpicker.com/product/FyBhP6/msi-mpg-b550-gaming-carbon-wifi-atx-am4-motherboard-mpg-b550-gaming-carbon-wifi Storage: Would you recommend I use the SATA as the main drive because of the cache or should I just use the m.2?
  12. Thankfully my monitor won't be a problem this time since it will be on my desk instead of in front of it. I'm more worried about everything I have on the shelf above it. Yeah, I keep forgetting I don't have it added in. I plan on using my old 1050ti until the GPU market gets better. I'm open to any advice you can give. Thanks! I posted in the build forum a bit ago here. But my budget has changed a bit (~$1,800 now) and the link I posted in this topic is my most recent build.
  13. Sorry about your brother's monitor. A similar thing happened to my old monitor too. I had my first pc positioned below it and it developed a dark shadow on the right side of the screen. Same with it only visible on light backgrounds. Here's the build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zrffbh Think it could be a problem?
  14. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place for this but here it goes: I'm putting the finishing touches on a build and am considering adding a fan or two to the top of the case. The thing is, I have a few boxes with some plastic models and figures on a floating wooden shelf (which is about 1/2" - 3/4" thick) that is about 1'-1.5' from where the top of my computer is going to be. Will the exhaust leaving the computer damage them over time? I'm pretty sure it won't but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. For reference I'm going to be using a Corsair